Sunday, January 10, 2016


The idea crossed my mind that it has been too long since my son and I have gone fishing together. Alaska also crossed my mind, I don't know why, it just did so at almost precisely the same moment as did a fishing trip. The two thoughts collided at the speed of do it now. 

I asked my son if he knew what was Seward's Folly. I had to give him a small clue. He got it exactly right. I then asked how much vacation he would have by June. He said about a week. I asked him what he thought of a trip to Alaska to do some fishing. He said OK.

I have started the search for the best fares, sent out an email inquiring about charter boat availability for the end of May into early June, have been checking on fishing outlooks for that time period, checked on license fees, checked on the weather in May and June, booked three different car reservations because each time I look, the price at the same rental agency goes down (depending on which go between site I check). I still have lots to do but if some charter boat outfits have at least one full day and one half day trip open for us, I am pretty darned sure we will be making the trip. 

Some new freshwater fishing gear may be in order or at least cleaning up some of what I already have somewhere in the shed or garage. Saltwater gear is part of the package for the charters. I could use some rain gear too, Frog Toggs would be good enough for me. Don't need much else for fishing.

It could be a fun trip, at least if we don't get eaten by a Grizzly Bear or three. I think I need a couple of big cans of bear spray and maybe a new gun for the trip. Maybe a 44 magnum revolver (or would my 12 gauge pump gun suffice as protection from bears) would be in order. Oh the humanity...

All the best,
Glenn B

Had The Father Been Armed...

...maybe he would have fought off his daughter's five alleged attackers and prevented her gang rape instead complying with the demands of the thugs for him to leave. He essentially briefly abandoned his daughter to the heinous fiends by running away to seek help of the police, who all to often take all too long to respond - just as in this very case since the criminals had done the deed and fled by the time the police came on scene. As it stands now, thanks in great part to New York City's very Draconian gun control laws, that in limit only the law abiding from  being able to protect themselves, not only was the woman raped but this is one father who may have lost not only his own self-respect but also something from his daughter that he may never regain. See more here.

Liberalism and gun control = a great way to ruin your day.

All the best,
Glenn B

How Stupid Can A Leftist Be?

Stupid enough to have said this, seemingly (at least to me) about terrorists who sneak into America:

“we do know how to do it. Europe doesn’t know how to do it. France especially doesn’t know how to do it. England not very good at it. And so, we have less of a problem. You know, those people who have snuck in, that, I don’t know if they’ve snuck in, but maybe they become Americanized, maybe the anger goes away. Maybe what they snuck in to do they’re not going to do, because we do have an acceptance of these people, as Congressman [Keith] Ellison (D-MN) said. They’re more patriotic because they’re here and they work harder.”

Those reportedly are the words of Bloomberg View Columnist Margaret Carlson. Is she out of her mind. I think she is so afraid of accepting reality, as are most leftists, that she has stuck her head so deeply into where the sun does not shine that she thinks that somehow will protect her. Sadly, that is exactly how the Islamists have progressed to the point of being very close to conquering most of Europe.

Watch the video here, and make sure to listen to the first 36 seconds which covers Governor Bobby Jindal speaking on Islamic terrorism. What he says sets the stage for the communist columnist to come out and give her spiel.

All the best,
Glenn B