Monday, January 6, 2014

U.S Government RSS Feed - Interesting CCleaner Scan Result

As I often do, I deleted all of the temporary Internet files on my computer this evening, as well as running a full system scan by CCleaner and another by Norton 360 Premiere. When I went to close CCleaner, the list of deleted files showed as usual. There were only a few of them and one happened to catch my eye. Go ahead, take a quick guess as to what would be likely to catch my eye as relative to files deleted from my laptop.

Nope, there was nothing sexual about it. Nor was there anything about guns in the file name. Yet, something stuck out like a sore thumb, one that was red and swollen and had been festering stinky pus for days on end. Now think, what is the most miserable, 
disgusting, intrusive, upsetting thing that I (or even you) might unexpectedly find on your computer? Have you guessed it? If you guessed that it had anything to do with an unexpected temporary Internet file that evidently originated within the U.S. Government then you would win a cigar.

Now this may be all ado about nothing. The reason that I say so is because here is the file that CCleaner deleted and erased traces of from my hard drive:

C:\Users\(redacted)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OO2BOPCK\usagovrssfeed[1].xml

The reason I say it might be all ado about nothing is because of this part of that file: OO2BOPCK. the letters BOPCK may indicate that someone, incarcerated (or working) within the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) made have been checked when viewing my site. Then again, that is a mere guess on my part but "BOP "is the abbreviation for Bureau of Prisons and CK" is often the abbreviation for "check". Then again, there was the disturbing part of that file as follows: usagovrssfeed. Now you might think that is not at all disturbing because it seemingly indicates that I have a RSS feed from the U.S. Government on my computer. The thing is that to my knowledge I do not have such a feed. I am wondering, does it mean they have a RSS feed from my site? I just don't know but it somewhat intrigues me (to say the least) that a file like that, indicating it was in some way, shape or form associated with the U.S. government was on my hard drive.

If anyone of my readers understands what that would be all about please leave a comment explaining it to me. 


All the best,
Glenn B

That Good Old Global Warming...

...has it warmed up to an almost balmy 51 degrees right now, after a few days of bitter cold in my neck of the concrete jungle. I guess that would be proof of global warming except maybe for the fact that by tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop by 42 degrees to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. What a roller coaster but it does fit in with the newer weather related terminology that the ultra libs love to use - Climate Change!

All the best,