Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drove About 175 Miles Today... go check on some firearms accessories that I have out of state (no I did not put accessories in italics to hint I really mean guns, I really mean a sort of accessory for guns). I wanted to make sure the items were not rusted and still secure. Also wanted to make sure to put new silica desiccant packs in with them to keep them rust free.

Driving on the first leg of my trip and suddenly I realized that I had forgotten my MapQuest directions. Luckily, my son put his GPS in my car when we went to the NE Bloggershoot last month, so I made do with that annoying POS instead of turning around to get the directions. It got me there without any wrong turns so I cannot berate it too badly but must say it is annoying with all the stupid directions that are not needed and with its all too often spoken mantra of "recalculating". Once there, I went into the storage area, found that my items were indeed secure and just as I had left them and were all rust free. That is a good thing because while they are indoors, they are not in an air conditioned (or heated) room and it was pretty hot and humid in there today and I suppose it was pretty cold in there over the winter.

Anyway, good for me, I did not have to clean them with Gunzilla or Breakfree CLP and a wire brush.The big ammo can that all of the accessories are in is not exactly airtight, or at least I think so because some of the hold downs do not close tightly on the lid. Yet is was dry as a bone inside of it and the indicator for the desiccant pack in there still had a faint amount of blue on it. That meant it was not saturated (as far as its drying abilities go) and still has some life in it before it needs to be rejuvenated in an oven. That was a very good thing because not only did I forget he directions to get there but I also forgot the fresh desiccant packs. Drove to Walmart to see if they had any desiccant but no luck there. I am not too concerned about it, everything was in such good shape today after about 7-8 months of being there that another month or two before I go back is not about to change anything very much. Next time I go, I will make sure not to forget anything and it will be within a month or two - or so I promise myself now.

Leave it to me to drive all that way there and then realize I forgot one of the most important things and then have to drive another 175 miles all the way back home, knowing for that part of the drive that I had accomplished almost nothing. What can I say, I was kind of, sort of, in a hurry since once the I should go today bug bit me, I figured if I did not hurry up and get on the road I would just put it off as I have been doing for the last couple to few months. I had figured I should drive up there at least every six months to see if the things I have stored there need any maintenance and care, especially for rust prevention, and was just happy I finally made the drive and everything was in good shape.

If I keep this behavior up, I may become hyper-active - who can say. At least I am getting out of my recent rut of sitting at the laptop for way too long doing just about nothing except looking for a job. So far this week, I started a new job and made this trip. Tomorrow, I am going to see if I can talk my uncle into a few hours of fishing. I have a doctors appointment later in the afternoon but that leaves the morning and early afternoon. With any luck, we may be eating grilled bluefish for dinner tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B