Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do You Remember The Phrase: Bush Lied - Soldiers Died... was all about Bush sending troops to Iraq to topple the tyrannical dictator Salaam Hussein and end his claimed use and possession of chemical weapons. Do you also remember that the leftists and the mud slinging media ranted on and on and on about how there really were NO weapons of mass destruction discovered in Iraq. They blamed Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld, Rice, the CIA, the NSA, the military, the Republican Party in general, and they probably even blamed Superman, the Lone Ranger, Popeye and Mighty Mouse.

Heck, even one of the members of the GWB administration, Colin Powell, said that the Intelligence community and high level administration officials had misled him to get him to recommend the invasion of Iraq! He condemned them for it too. There were literally hundreds of news stories and probably thousands of leftists' blog posts assailing Bush and his minion as having lied when they said that Sadaam Hussein actually had weapons of mass destruction. The leftists and libturds pounded away at GWB and it seemed that the attacks on Bush, over it, would never end. Even many on the right took umbrage and blamed Bush for a war they said he never should have started. The accusations kept coming, like the cannon fire on the charging Light Brigrade, from the left and from the right and from the front - and it came even years after Bush left office.

Well, they (his accusers) were all wrong. Bush it seems did indeed lie, but it was not the lie of which he was accused. For some fucked up reason the Bush administration never disclosed that it had indeed found them (those chemical weapons of mass destruction) but instead denied that any had been found. I can make no sense of it but the Pentagon has finally admitted that the weapons were there and that military personnel (as in OUR military personnel) were exposed to them. In fact, they are saying that over 600 of our brave fighting men and women are believed to have been exposed and were virtually ignored when it came to treatment (source).

Photographs of the progression of wounds inflicted on SPC
Richard T. Beasley as reported by the New York Times. (source)

Less than one month ago, it was reported that the New York Times found only 17 soldiers who been exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq (source) but the government admitted the number was slightly higher than that - get that - they said slightly higher! To get to 600, you need to multiply 17 by 35. Yes, that is an increase by 35 fold more than reported only 3 or 4 weeks ago (how much will that increase a few weeks from now let alone say 20 years from now when it is declassified).You will note that the Times article reporting that original number of 17 also downplays the weapons repeatedly mentioning that they were degraded or abandoned from an earlier time (the 1980s). The injuries suffered by our troops due to those weapons seems though to call that degradation into question; yet it was all kept secret. If you want to read about some of the reported injuries, directly from reports in the field and in great detail, go here:

Amazingly, the largest cache reported (to date) discovered was one of 2,400 rockets containing a nerve agent. Why in hell didn't they tell us, why didn't they at least treat the soldiers, why order the secrecy when they found what they were looking for no matter how old? What they have now admitted they found was substantial, it amounted to 5,000 weapons containing chemical or biological weapons that were discovered in Iraq from 2003 through and including 2011. Sadly, 621 of our troops are believed to have been exposed to it (not to mention any Iraqis or other allies so exposed) and that number is expected to rise as the Pentagon is now accepting reports from others who believe they were exposed. If they are admitting this much now, how much more will come out, say in 20 years, when the documentation about it is declassified! How many more of our soldiers (or of our allies) will we learn were actually exposed to this stuff; how many will come down with cancer or other diseases caused by those agents years or even decades from now. Think about this too - how many fully active weapons of mass destruction (chemical or biological) might have also been found that they are still covering up as opposed to the ones they are currently admitting, the ones they are saying were old and degraded.

Now mind you, while the most of this seemingly took place under GWB, this didn't just happen during his term in office. Do the math and you will see that once again, the current Nincompoop In Charge (Obama) followed the lead of the previous NIC (GWB) and also failed to disclose this to us concurrently with those weapons being found. He then continued to cover it up for a few more years after the last reported discovery of any of them. Why it came out now is anyone's guess. This is Agent Orange all over again and I for one thought it would never happen again! It is a disgrace, it is un-American, it is something you would expect to hear about happening in Cuba, North Korea, China or Russia - not here. But when do we hear about it - the article is dated two days after Election Day! If We The People lose all faith in our government because of this - would it be any wonder why!

A hat tip to Jay G of MA-rooned for his blog post about this.

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Great Men Come & Go - We Use Their Inventions & Never Know...

...who they were or anything about them. One such man just passed on a few days ago and I thought I would take this moment to share a bit about his life with you. Why? Well you see, chances are good, probably even excellent, that you own or have used or have benefitted from more than just one thing that he created but there is one special thing among all of his inventions that is a household icon in America. It is something that should have made him famous or at least made his name a household name but my bet is that you probably never heard of him before and that is a shame because we all to often do not give credit where credit is due while we enjoy the fruits of another person's labors. We tend to praise the heathens in Hollywood or airheads in sports, or the glamour girls and guys in magazines more so than those who really make a meaningful contribution to our lives.

This man made more than one of those contributions but there is one with which almost every one of us should be familiar - he invented ceramic glass. "What was that?" you say. Let me say it another way - he invented Corning Ware. No, he is not famous for it, nor did he get rich off of it, but even if he invented it by accident, he benefitted us all if only in a way we take for granted possibly on every day of our lives.

I know that my family has had corning ware in the house since at least the early 1960s - my mom used it frequently - she loved it. It was certainly an improvement over its predecessors and since she cooked a lot - we used Corning Ware a lot. She used it to cook and to store foods just as I would guess most people do. My family still uses it today, my wife has a few of their casserole dishes in the kitchen cabinets and you would be able to find one in our fridge after just about any meal has been ended with leftovers remaining. 

By the way, just in case you were wondering, the man's name was S. Donald Stookey. He passed away last Tuesday at age 99. Imagine that, he was on this earth for 99 years and you probably never heard his name before he died even though he invented something as popular as Corning Ware that you have probably used much more than once. He also held 60 other patents some of which were for inventions that improved things like eyeglasses, sunglasses, missile nose cones, color television screens (photosensitive glass), computers and communications. "He received the National Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan in 1987. In 2010, at age 94, he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame" (source). I think he maybe was the Edison of our times, at least when it came to glass.

He was also an avid outdoorsman who fished and hunted with his sons. While you may not think that is even worth mentioning I do for a few reasons. The first is that I know the bond is created between a father and son who fish and hunt together, the second is that America would be a better place if more of us enjoyed those pastimes and the third is that they could have based an episode of Survivor or a similar show on him. You see, he survived a plane crash, in the Arctic, into freezing water with no chance of rescue.  But he made it. He seems to have been quite the man - yet how many of us ever heard of him before? I will admit that I had heard of him before but it surely wasn't much.

If you'd like to read a bit more about him, go to these links:

I never met the man but I guess in a way I knew him, still know him, and so do all of us if we have ever used or will use anything that one of his inventions introduced into or improved in our lives. He will be missed if only for the fact that he will no longer be making our lives easier and better by way of any new inventions.

Perhaps, maybe just now and sometime again, when you eat something that was cooked, served or stored in a Corning Ware dish - you will think of him. I am sure I will find myself doing so more than once. My heart felt condolences to his family and loved ones.

A hat tip to New Jovian Thunderbolt for his post where I originally learned about Mr. Stookey's passing.

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Glenn B

Is Her Finger On The Trigger?

I looked and know it must be close but wasn't sure. Can you tell?

Really now, I just figured I had to make up for the pic I had in my previous post.

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Why Anyone Would Ever Expose A Pair Like This... totally beyond me. For the life of me, I just cannot imagine why anyone would walk around in public with a set of fully exposed...

...legs like that.
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