Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wating For Godot...

...maybe was about the worst wait imaginable at the time it was written but waiting for my HP Laptop to be repaired and returned is just about as bad for me. I say just about as bad because I do not have the clap with no chance of a cure; thus, it is not quite as bad by at least a little bit. (Never read Waiting For Godot? Then get yourself a copy and sit down with it, it is a short but classic read.) 

I sent in my laptop last Tuesday, May 13th.I got a call from HP on the following Thursday saying they had received it and would soon begin working on it. Not a peep since then but I am hoping it will be finished and sent back to me within a day or two at most. Not having a computer readily available gets me thinking and talking to myself about what I am thinking over. That really is not all that much fun, makes me feel sorry for those I have cornered when I was in blabbermouth mode.Oh well, I am hopeful it will be here soon.

Later 4 U All,