Thursday, November 30, 2006

7 Hours, 24 days, and a wake up, until...


Get your shopping done now so I can do mine (*at least some of it) on Christmas Eve.

Yeah, I know, you wonder why an atheist, or an agnostic at best, shops for Christmas presents. I like the spirit of giving at Christmas, and I like the season whether or not I bring God into it. That's it, plain and simple.

So get your butts in gear, get out there and shop till you drop. Also be nice, give to charity too; but get that shopping done and leave something on the shelves for me.

All the best,
Glenn B


Oh you get it - things are extremely hectic lately. What with the Russian Spy being poisoned with Polonium, the Brits going crazy looking for contaminated hot spots, the Ruskies claiming no part, the Brits keeping mum as to who was to blame (even though the poisoned man spoke out while virtually DOA - anyone else remember that movie and the very close similarities to this case). At least he was brave enough to accuse those whom he thought were guilty, after all what did he have to lose. The Brits also have nothing to lose if they speak out, but they have turned into a nation of broken down moaners on a guilt ridden trip and they apparently feel responsible to make up for past evils to the rest of the world, the rest of the world minus their allies of course. Their allies would be us.

British justice, British politics, and British society have become a joke. I don't say this in an accusatory manner. I say it with an awful lot of regret and sadness. Yet, no matter how I say it, it is the truth. They are overrun with Muslims who seek to live their lives their way and not as British subjects, and they refuse to deport them or incarcerate them as they plot and rant about political, social and religious upheaval, of a violent nature mind you. They are over run with hooligans or gang violence from their own British youths, and cannot and apparently will not control them with a good stiff kick in the pants or the teeth as may be needed. Now they are apparently weak in the knees when another country sends hit men to their shores to kill with radioactive materials. Hopefully they will make a liar out of me and do something to really bring justice in this case, but I tend to doubt it.

It seems they would rather lock up their own loyal citizenry for carrying a Swiss Army pocket folding knife, make it nearly impossible for them to hunt, make it nearly impossible for them to own firearms and enjoy shooting sports, all the while making it easier for certain people to blow up trains and buses, or to get terrorists out of jail.

It is a joke and the joke ultimately will be on the Anglo-Saxons of Britain, and the Gaelic of Ireland, and the Welsh and the Scots. Within ten years, maybe 20 at most, I predict, if things keep on the same twisted track as they are now, Great Britain will be a Muslim nation called Britanastan. Rallying cries of 'long live the Queen' will have been replaced with something else, I'll leave that to your imaginations, but it surely will not be 'long live the King'.

I would ask my readers to support, in any legal way, reform of the British government to bring it to a point where Great Britain can assume the greatness spoken of in its own name, and thereby give the British people something to feel British about in a stiff upper lip, and cheerio, way.

I wish them all the luck in the world in order to avoid what I believe is in store for them, and as a matter of conjecture, in store for us to if we do not act soon to nip it before it reaches our shores. I can only hope George W. Bush is right when he says we will not leave Iraq and Afghanistan until we have achieved victory, because that victory will be over terrorism.

Best regards,
Glenn B