Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celina & All The Degs Minus One...

...The only deg (dog) missing from the picture is our other Chihuahua Lucy. All the others are there with Celina including (from your left to right): Mimi, Gizmo, Roxie and Pepe (named after Pepe Le Pew and not after some Tequila pickled south of the border type). Gizmo is Celina's deg, well actually it belongs to her fiance Phil and to her. |Phil claims at least 51% ownership since he paid for him and who could blame him for that claim!

Here is a shot of Phil with both Gizmo and Pepe (a much better view of our little boy than in the first pic). I find if amazing how Gizmo's eyes show up differently in various pics we have taken of him when there is a flash. Sometimes they appear faded yellow, like most other dogs, as they do in the above pic. At other times they look to be a medium orange, as they do in this pic to the right. Then again, they can look blood red, as do Pepe's in this shot. Pepe's eyes always come out red as far as I know; I imagine it is the devil in him as he can be quite the mischievous little stinker. Curiously, Phil's eyes did not show any red-eye reflection from the flash - go figure! He is pretty cool, I guess that could have something to do with it.

As for that wonderful delight sitting on the table in front of Phil and the degs, that is one of my wife's homemade chocolate chip cookies (from her very own secret recipe), I wonder who actually wound up with it. My guess would be that the only reason Pepe was on Phil's lap was because he wanted the cookie. He can leap right up on your lap, for food, petting or a place to nap; and if food is nearby, he wastes no time in zeroing in on it. I think that is a pretty good feat for a little Chihuahua and I am pretty sure he wanted that cookie. (I am also sure he did not get it, we do not allow our degs to eat chocolate, so I imagine Phil got the cookie.)

Back to eye shine for a moment. The only other thing I will say about the eye reflections is that I have never before noticed Mimi's eyes to come out with two different colors as they do in the photo with Celina. Kind of neat to see it blue on one side and pale yellow on the other. Maybe that has something to do with her sort of psycho split personality, good deg - bad deg. I always thought that was dependent on her mood or maybe on the alignment of the stars and never realized maybe it had to do with her eye shine. No, it is not photo-shopped (except that I removed the red-eye from Celina's image); Mimi's eye shine actually came out looking like 2 different colors.

Oh, by the way, if you have not figured it out yet, you should be able to click on the pics to enlarge them.

All the best,
Glenn B