Monday, December 16, 2013

Think Your Christmas Cards Were Expensive?

Maybe you should think again. One of the original Christmas cards, from the set of 1,000 of the very first ones ever, was recently sold at auction for the price of £4,200 British Pounds or just over $6,800 US dollars. (source)

Much as it is now, it seems that even in 1843, a Christmas get together
meant good cheer in more ways than one - a smile on the face, a 
glass in the hand and even a little nip for the young ones.

Wow, what people will pay for one man's trash is absolutely amazing. Then again, the particular card is one of only 14 or 15 known examples of it remaining in existence and thus it had to have also been some folks' treasure ever since it first made its appearance in 1843. There were both color and B&W issues made of those first known Christmas cards. This one was B&W and I shudder to think how much the color version would be worth to someone with lots of money today. I hope that auction price does not give Hallmark any ideas!

All the best,
Glenn B