Thursday, May 22, 2014

Awesome Desktop Background Photo

I was looking around the web tonight for some pics of hot girls with guns to add to a gun forum post. I found quite a few shots of gals that certainly would turn most men's heads. I also found this photo of just a gal's face behind some ammo.

It is now my desktop background, and also at the top of my blog (for now). She looks awesome as I am sure is she in the flesh. By the way, to say the eyes are the windows of the soul would probably be an understatement in her case but I do kind of wonder who or what she is thinking about shooting while she selects that one cartridge betwixt thumb and forefinger!

All the best,
Glenn B.

My Laptop Is Back

So, I guess I will start blogging again, in earnest, soon. I don't know what all they did to it but it seems to be working. I know they replaced the hard drive, I now have to check that they replaced it with the correct type and size. They also reimaged the hard drive, which I suppose means they put the necessary software onto it and all the BS software too. And the last thing that I know they did was to replace the heat sink fan since one side of the computer was getting literally too hot to touch (surprisingly they did replace the motherboard with it getting that hot but on that time will tell if it will need to be replaced or not). Right now, so far, it seems fine but all I have done was install MS Office 2010 and install Norton One. I have yet to install the 109 important MS updates that MS is saying I need. That should take hours, I suppose. Hopefully once they are all installed, it will still work as good as it seems to be right now. Blogging regularly should recommence tomorrow.

Al the best,
Glenn B