Wednesday, September 13, 2006


...on election day. Including today there are 55 days and a wake-up until election day. It is critical that folks go to the polling places this year in large numbers and vote to keep our nation secure, to keep us alive and well. That is not hyperbole, there are lots of folks out there in the world today who hate America and who want to get us. If you don't think so, then read a few of my previous rants, read the news, watch the news, or just in general - wake up.

As a nation we need to unite with a few certain objectives in mind this coming election day, and on the one in 2 years. But for this one in 2006, we need really have only one major goal on our minds, voting for the candidates who will protect the United States of America and her people. The ideal candidates in those regards would be willing to put all else aside, at least make all other issues secondary, to the main issue of our security until the threat is done away with. I mean that quite literally too. I think that our politicians, whomever we elect, ought to get together after the elections (if they got together like this beforehand it would be a great platform on which to win)no matter what party affiliation, and make a pact with the American people that they will have one primary goal - our security as a nation.

This would mean that until the threat has been terminated, they will not address such issues as abortion, economic reform, education, environmental concerns, gay rights, the right to keep and bear arms, same sex marriages, tax reform, trade, treaties with other nations, unless they relate directly to the threats we face from terrorism, or unless they were involved in some sort of emergency. So what would they address: border security, foreign policy (to determine our true allies and enemies), immigration reform, military rules of engagement, national security, nuclear proliferation, the United Nations and us pulling out of it or staying in it, the war against terrorism.

What effect would this have? Would it stagnate our government? I think not. I believe it would focus those in office, and force them to deal with the really critical problem we are all facing right now - terrorism. My bet is that the problem would be done away with, or reduced so much, within a year as to be of minimal concern for a long time.

Will my plan ever take place. Probably not, it is too simple, too logical, and would expose those in political office who were true to their word like never before. That of course would not be a bad thing, but it would also expose those who were little more than blowhards when it came to political promises. So politicians would never agree to it. Too bad, it just might work if they did things that way to tackle all problems. One at a time, focus on one thing and get it solved - then move onto the next - instead of trying to focus on one worm inside a can full of worms as they do it now.

Still though, you should make sure to vote, carry out your responsibility as a U.S. citizen. Remember when you do vote, vote for our survival.

Oh well, off to work for me.

All the best,
Glenn B