Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sometimes Things Work Out Okay For Me

It is so nice when I find out I did not screw something up, like me having thought I forgot my Remington 870 folding stock in AR at my son's place.

How bad ass will that make my Remington 870 look! I have no clue but I do
know it will make it kick much harder, than it does already, with that metal butt.
I was going through my stuff today to pull out my dirty laundry from the trip and found it in one of the bags. That was a good thing indeed. Of course, washing my laundry was good too.

And yes, that does say "FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY" on it but that is not a legal requirement anywhere or at least was not when I acquired it. I have had this folder for decades, since the early or mid 1980s, and there was no legal restriction on this when I got it and there is none now (at least if not in a commie hell hole like New York City where I am guessing it may be illegal or somehow restricted). That allegedly was put on there by Remington to make it more appealing to police departments and LE agencies, or so it was explained to me when I got it (and by the way I was a federal LE officer then). It probably commanded a higher price too merely because of those four words.

All the best,

Happy Armed Forces Day

Happy Armed Forces Day to each and every loyal member of the United States Military. God bless you, Mother Nature watch over you, may the Fates never cut you short, and may The Force Be With You always and keep you safe.

Of course, I know you do your best to keep us and each other of you safe and thus my appreciation for you and what you do. You keep American free!

All the best,
Glenn  B