Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Things Changed When We Lost Jacques Cousteau

Today, folks seemingly look at the oceans differently than we did back when I was a kid. Back then, we were amazed by them and the secrets they held when men like Jacques Cousteau revealed them to us in living color for the first time. I guess though that people today see the oceans differently - even as boring. Maybe it was that all the shows - year after year - rerun after rerun - repeatedly showing what were once thought of marvels of our oceans - has made them boring. I mean, just look at this quote attributed to researcher Jon Akiyama:

“If you’ve ever spent even a couple minutes looking out at the water, you get the idea: it’s dark, it’s wet, and it’s mostly empty except for some lame fucking fish and crustaceans that don’t even do anything cool. Unless you’re some weirdo who gets excited by the idea of kelp, you can basically just skip the whole damn thing.”

Of course, he does hold out some hope that the oceans will once again fascinate us:

"Akiyama acknowledged that the world’s oceans could become significantly more interesting as new technologies allowed scientists to discover additional weird, freaky squids and kickass sharks. "

More at the source.

My guess is he is a fan of Shark Week.

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Glenn B

If You Want 'A Flame Thrower' Then 'Not A Flame Thrower'...

..is probably not worth a dime of your money. What is the purpose of Elon Musk's 'Not A Flame Thrower' remains a mystery to me after watching this product review video. Then again, as the name says - it is 'Not A Flame Thrower'; although, what exactly it is eludes me.

I guess the company that made them - The Boring Company - lives up to its name. If you'd like to be bored a bit more, by this gadget, get a load of how this woman, who supposedly bought one because she "...loves bad ideas and dangerous things...", used hers:

Man, that was one disgusting looking and apparently pre-frozen poorly cooked steak.

Not bored enough, then watch this and pray that when the revolution starts, this is the weapon of choice among the first (and last) wave of armed libturds:

Can you believe some of the things the guy in the video said, such as this jewel:

"It feels like a gun, it feels like an AR-15 or something..."

Has he ever held an AR-15 in his entire life? It is doubtful to me.

Then he blurted out this wiener: ."..and it looks like right here that's where the clip was, right there, like the magazine if you had actual bullets or BBs, BBs inside..."

He also dropped this bomb: "...you need to be careful with it..." and right after saying that what did he do but place his hand over the business end of it.

Then, after saying it was dangerous he added this fine piece of advice: "So I would definitely echo that and say if you ever have one of these make sure you have adult supervision and that you are careful with it and so today we have adult supervision".

I keep wondering where was the adult who was supervising, I don't think I saw an adult in the video - at least not anyone acting like one.

Even if they were not sold-out, I wouldn't buy one, not even on your dime. 

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Glenn B