Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Mr. President - You Were The Best

Ronald W. Reagan was, without any doubt in my mind, the best president within my lifetime to date. I honor his memory on this day that would have been his 104th birthday. He was a great American.

All the best,
Glenn B

Obama To Ask For Congressional Authorization To Combat ISIS

According to a Fox news report, President Obama is set to formally Congress to authorize the use of military force against ISIS. See:

I don't have to wonder why we are doing so because ISIS needs to be completely destroyed for the good of the world. However, I do wonder if Obama in essence will ask for more than air strikes such as have already been carried out against ISIS. After all, isn't ISIS the terrorist group that he compared to a Junior Varsity (JV) basketball team! Then after that, wasn't it the White House mouthpiece who tried to spin it to say that all Obama meant was that ISIS did not pose a worldwide threat but was only a local one (source). Strange isn't it how within a span of just months, since that spin back in August, ISIS suddenly is worthy of our full attention. Could it be that Obama outright got his estimation of ISIS wrong?

I would think so, not only due to their acts of terror in the Middle East but due to their spreading influence outside of that region. According to another Fox news article, ISIS is hoping to expand its influence in Afghanistan. In addition to Afghanistan they name several other countries wherein the influence of ISIS already has reached and wherein now exist ISIS affiliated terror groups. These include Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Jordan but also include African nations like: Egypt, Algeria, and Libya. Some east Asian nations are also harboring groups with ties to ISIS, these include: Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia. Finally, there are purported to be many lone wolf type individuals in such countries as the USA, Canada, Australia, and many if not most of the Western European nations (source).

No Mr. President, ISIS is not a JV team at all and if they were when you referred to them as one then they sure have grown quickly despite the paltry efforts you have made to stop them. Then why would you try since you considered them an insignificant treat. Seems though maybe you are changing your mind but that is yet to be seen dependent upon what you ask of Congress to stop ISIS and by what you actually do in order to put and end to their reign of terror. Yes sir, they are in the big leagues and rapidly expanding. They are doing it much akin to the way Nazi Germany expanded during the 1930s. Hopefully, you and Congress will realize that, and act appropriately on it before it is too late and before ISIS commits a genocide to rival that committed by the Nazis.

All the best,