Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back To Work...

...for me today. Feeling somewhat better, so I figure I had better get my butt back to the job. I have been out a week and a half straight now, with about 2 or 2 1/2 weeks added to that over the past month and a half; I am running out of sick leave. Anyway, it sucks being home with not a lot to do, I am better off at work with not much to do; though I kind of doubt I'll have little to do as I'll need to play catch up on some things.

Today though, I am hopeful they will have room for me at the range for our quarterly qualifications. I have already missed two range days I scheduled because of whatever bug has been keeping me down. I think I'll be able to shoot today, and hope I do it well. Regardless of how I do, I do need to get my qualifications finished.

No blogging for the rest of the day; probably some tonight.

All the best,
Glenn B