Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sometimes Jewish folks absolutely befuddle me...

...regarding their sensitivities, or what I believe to be their over sensitivities. That is a very generalized statement, but it applies well as to what I am about to explain as the source of my befuddlement, and yes I understand this it is not all Jews about which I am about to write. I am not being that general, but please read on so you will understand better.

Before I go on though with the issue at hand, I want to explain something and get it right out of the way. I am not an anti-Semite, I am not a Jew hater, I am not supportive of neo-Nazis, I do not look favorably on the history of Nazi Germany, I think Adolph Hitler was an absolute madman, and I think the killing of 11 to 12 million people in the Nazi death camps was an atrocity almost without comparison. No I did not say just the 6 million Jewish people in the holocaust as I try to remember there were also millions of Christians killed too, about 12 million people in all were killed in the Nazi death camps. I wanted to get that right out because I am almost certain someone will think I dislike Jews, in general, which I do not. I get along with Jewish folks as well as I do with anyone. I think Israel should kick some ass over in the Mid-East; and I shop regularly in Williamsburg in Jewish food stores. More than one friend of mine is Jewish; and one of my very best friends is of said faith. So don't go there in an effort to categorize me or what I am about to say as anti-Semitic. Rather it is true befuddlement, plain and simple, and I put it out for you to see.

Today I read this article at March Planned to Denounce Brooklyn Student's Hitler Costume. Apparently a high school kid dressed up as Hitler on Halloween and went to school like that. He got in hot water at school and was ordered to take off the outfit, which he refused standing on freedom of expression. Yeah I know it is not quite so in a school as to rights for students, but it gets better, the issue is now a protest, not just a reprimand at school.

Now it seems that a group of concerned parents and students from Leon Goldstein High School are planning a march to or nearby to the Holocaust Museum in NYC to protest this kid having worn a Hitler costume. They evidently are outraged that he wore it, this despite the fact that he claimed to have done so as a parody. School officials are also apparently outraged. Jewish groups are reportedly also quite upset that he wore the get-up, enough to complain. An awful lot of folks who are Jewish seem to be awfully upset over a kid wearing a costume, and they want to make some sort of example of him while at the same time parading their cause, a cause which is exactly what – I wonder!

The reason I wonder to what end they want to parade in protest, and why others want to make all this stink over a kid wearing a Halloween costume, is that for years now Hitler (or his character) has paraded on stage in New York City with not one protest of which I am aware. As a matter of fact, Jewish folks wrote, produced and starred in a play in which Hitler is a comedic character. A song called Springtime For Hitler is one of the show's main lyrical hits. Before it was a play, the show was an acclaimed movie. Now that it is a play it has won praise far and wide as one of the funniest ever, and one of the best of all time. I am, of course, writing about The Producers.

I wonder, is it because Halloween is a Christian holiday that Jewish folks were offended? I wonder, is it because the kid was Christian (which I cannot say because I have no clue of what religion he is if of any)? I wonder, are they upset because the kid was Jewish? I wonder, are they so upset because the kid was not a Jewish playwright, or screenwriter, or actor? I wonder, are they so upset for absolutely nothing? I wonder, are those who are so upset just out and out hypocrites; did any of them ever watch The Producers and laugh at any of it, either as a movie or as a play? I also wonder, are these folks who are so upset over a child wearing such a costume as a parody also just as upset over The Producers, or other movies, in which Adolph Hitler was portrayed in a comedic or parodic role by Jewish actors?

I just don’t understand why when a big name Jewish person in show biz does it, then it is okay to so many; but it is abhorrent to so many when a high school kid does likewise. So who can give me the answers? I am befuddled.

All the best,
Glenn B

Politicians Often Say The Stupidest Things...

...and John Kerry has said more stupid things, in my opinion, than any man has a right to say. His latest verbal blunder during which he tripped over his own wagging tongue was, of course, about the military and implied that those in the military have no smarts. Maybe John Kerry spoke based upon his very limited experience in Vietnam, or maybe based upon his experience out there in the real world being married to the Ketchup Queen. Maybe he was for the statement before he was against it!

Yes folks he has finally apologized to those in our armed forces who serve bravely, who have enough intelligence to know that if they do not do it over the long term, then guys like John Kerry, who are in my view, in it only for what they can get out of it, will fail us in almost no time. Thereby we would fall to terrorism. They are both smart and brave.

They sound pretty smart to me Mr. Kerry, but I guess you maybe still do not think so since it took so long for that apology to arrive, and since the apology was so weak. Just in case there is still any doubt about their intelligence, let me put those doubts to rest by showing you a photograph that indeed is worth a thousand words because this one picture sums it up nicely (I blotted out the faces to protect they who would use their minds in such a creative manner). Yes I think this one picture does achieve some level of justice, not enough for Kerry though, whom I believe should have to go to IraK, and even Afghanistan, to apologize in person. Though it certainly does show just how intelligent our military personnel can be if only because it takes wit to be humorous, and it takes intelligence to be witty. It also takes a certain amount of good taste to do this in a truly funny way without pushing the point way to far. My hat goes off to all of our brave service personnel, but I also bow to these brave eight for their accomplishment in the face of unwarranted criticism from the likes of John Kerry.