Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here Is One For The Conspiracy Theorists (or Is it Two)

We assumed that either Malaysia Airline flight MH370, that disappeared in march either went down because of catastrophic aircraft failure or because of terrorism. The airliner has yet to be found but we have some clues leaning toward terrorism such as the deviation in flight path of that plane, the fact that the pilot said everything was okay despite the deviated flight path, the flight simulator in the pilot's (or was it co-pilot's) home and so on.

Now we have a second Malaysian Airlines aircraft, flight number MH17, a Boeing 777 like the first, that has gone down. This one over the Ukraine but evidently shot down by a missile. Now the pundits are saying it had to have been either shot down by the Ukraine, or by separatists in the Ukraine, or by Russia. Each might have something to gain if they could get it to appear that the other side did it. ach would have a lot to lose if the blame was assigned to them.

Presuming that MH17 was shot down by a missile, might we also put forth the hypothesis that yet another party may stand to gain if they shot it down instead? I am also wondering if it is a sad coincidence that this is the second Malaysian Airlines aircraft that apparently has gone down in a few months or was it not coincidental. In other words was this a planned attack with Malaysia Airlines as the target? Thinking along those lines makes me ask myself, who other than Russia, the separatists, or the Ukraine might have done it and, then who could gain the most from it and pretty much stand to lose nothing if they were found out. The answer that keeps resonating throughout the little gray cells is: Muslim Extremists.

In the case of extremists attacking flight MH17 (the one that was shot down today) by coincidence, they might have done so to gain increased infamy among their cohorts, furtherance of the Extremist Islamist jihad against the rest of the world, and probably an increase in recruitment. They might gain if they cause an all out war between Russia and the Ukraine just by their having attacked it or any other company's airliner. If war broke out over this because it was wrongly believed it had to have been Russia, or separatists, or the Ukraine, when it fact it may have been Islamic terrorists, other countries might ultimately become involved in that war. Thereby, enemies of Islamist extremists (virtually any non-Muslim country and even many Muslim countries) might be weakened by involvement in such a war. The combatants who would be busy fighting one another would have less time to devote to the cessation of terrorism and the termination of Islamic extremism. 

Now maybe the flight today and the one in March were targeted purposefully. Why target two Malaysian Airlines flights months apart? Well, Malaysia is over 60% Muslim. There are conflicts between Muslim groups there on a regular basis, deadly conflicts. The government of Malaysia is trying to quell the conflicts and thus in essence has taken a sides. The airline is run by the government. There you have it, reason enough for one extremist group or another to attack their airline, simply because it is associated with a government they oppose.

Note, I am not saying that this flight or even the first missing Malaysian airliner in fact was brought down by Muslim Extremists. I am just putting forth the hypothesis that both could have been and that maybe it is not coincidence that the flight shot down today was also a Malaysian Airlines flight. I will leave it to those conducting the investigation to determine such but it certainly is something interesting to ponder for now as long as the evidence does not rule it out.

All the best,
Glenn B

Talk About Precise Aim

Talk about precision aim, I have only seen an aim as good as this guy's once before. I saw the following video over at Wirecutter's blog and it immediately reminded me of another excellent piece of work and precision aiming so I had to steal it and repost it here:

That was an excellently calculated perfect job when it came to tree cutting. Can you imagine an aim that precise! That man is a modern artist at work if ever there was one.
Seeing that video brought to my mind another man with a precise aim when it came to downing trees. Heck, I have not thought about this in probably more than 30 years and it happened several years longer ago than that. Back in the mid-seventies, I watched my friend's dad chop down a tree at their cottage in upstate NY. We used to crash there after partying in New Paltz; we would raid parties at the college or just bar hop in town - at that time more bars per square foot of any town I had ever visited - pre 21 year age drinking laws.

Well, he chopped down a tree, close to the cottage, close to their garden and picnic table and other structures as I recall. Everyone except him thought the tree was going to fall in the exact opposite direction than he had planned and onto the house, but he told us exactly where the tree would fall. He held out his arms to indicate the width of the tree, walked a path where he said it would fall with arms still held out. We all thought, 'yeah right' and wished him luck. He just went back to cutting.  At one point, near the end, he stopped, examined his work, decided to start cutting somewhat more on a different side and at a different angle and we all thought "Oh Shit" since he seemed to be changing his cutting plan.

When the tree began to fall, it started to come straight down, sliding down - the upper cut area against the lower for a split second. It looked as if it would just replant itself by impaling the cut end of the trunk back into the earth. Then amazingly to we who watched, it started to tilt and somehow fell in the right direction. Not only did it go the right way, it fell exactly where he said it would fall - all in less than a second or two.

He did not use chain saw, he did not use wedges, he used a hand saw and an axe - and a lot of muscle and sweat with that axe and saw - mostly the axe. I vaguely recall that we gave him some help with the saw. He reserved the axe for himself and we just did a bit and only exactly how he said to do it with the saw. He was the artist, the grand planner maker, the master tradesman at work. How I wish we had had an 8mm or 16mm camera to film that at the time (no video recorders or cell phones cameras back then). It was a work of art and he was truly akin to da Vinci at getting it done. Oddly enough, he too, like the guy in that video, was pretty thankful that it had fallen the right way and he wasn't thanking himself either.

All the best,
Glenn B

Is There Really No Doubt That Things Have Gotten Better Mr. President?

by" target="_blank">GWHH19

Tell me Mr. President, do you believe your own absolutely baseless bullshit rhetoric that the economy is improving and that we may be about to see the end of the recession. It's been three years since you said that; I do not see an end to the recession on the horizon - do you! Do you still blame George W. Bush for the terrible state of the economy under your administration. Heck you said it had gotten better but evidence has built up, over the three years since you said that in June 2009, to show that the economy is actually getting worse. Gasoline prices are high as the sky for longer than under any other president in my lifetime. The U.S. economy is still shrinking (in fact it shrank its worst in 5 years in the first quarter of 2014). See: 

Oh how the left loves to claim it is already rebounding - seems we keep hearing that a lot then the facts refute it). Taxes have risen markedly  with you at the helm which is often a harbinger, if not the cause, of more economic failure to come. Yet, in states where taxes have been lowered their economy has improved, take for instance Kansas - see:

You go ahead Mr. President, keep on promoting higher taxes and more government spending to supposedly create jobs. I really mean that because I am hopeful it will help assure you go down as the worst president in the history of the USA. Of course, you try to blame another, there are jobs, or lack of them, that you have blamed on your predecessor. Yes the unemployment rate rose to 7.3 under the previous president but  as you can see in the government's own statistics on unemployment, the rate was on average much lower under that president - much, much lower. Under you President Obama, the rate kept rising for a few years, then slowly has fallen but unemployment is still way above the average it was under the previous administration. When it comes to current unemployment, it appears things are about to get worse. Microsoft has announced that it plans to layoff 18,000 employees over the course of the next year, see:

Indeed, you announced cutting our military forces to the lowest level since prior to WWII. See both: and

Now tell me please, President Obama, where do you think those military personnel will find employment once back home? They will not find jobs at companies like Microsoft and certainly not at companies already cutting employees because of Obama-care. Then again, why are you (note I said "you" instead of we, just as you so often say "I" instead of we) downsizing the military in the face of renewed hostile actions in the Middle East. Did we fight a war only to see our accomplishments destroyed in the blink of an eye because we were no committed to prevailing over the long term?

You sir have just about destroyed the economy and the American Way. Helping you along the way have been your henchmen such as Geitner who headed the IRS but could not or would not file his taxes properly. Lerner who targeted political groups for tax harassment and who then when faced with an investigation seemingly destroyed her own government emails although it was mandatory for her to retain them. Pelosi who said over and over again that keeping people on unemployment for a longer time makes the economy grow (she truly seems to be out of her mind and you rely on her over and over again as an ally). Eric Holder who seemingly knows nothing about anything from Operation Gunrunner or Fast & Furious to the murders of Border Patrol Agents on our southern border, to him calling the Fort Hood massacre "work place violence" instead of labeling it terrorism thus showing he does not understand what constitutes a terrorist act. It appears to be just one scandal after another with the Holder.

Then again, it is pretty much the same with the incompetent boobs you have placed into positions of power such a Hillary Clinton of "...what difference does it make" relative to the killings of U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Sebelius reportedly seeking payment from U.S. corporations to help pay for Obama-care, the head of the GSA under whom the GSA held an extravagant party in Vegas during a conference at which it spent over 800 grand, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson using an alias when she corresponded in official government emails, Joe Biden (yes your VP) forcing a reporter to wait in a closet. There are many more examples of incompetence and scandals within your administration. Please explain to me how anything, except for an extreme leftist agenda that is weakening America, could be getting better due to anything you have done?

The truth is that our economy, and the remainder of issues falling under the state of the Union, continue to trudge through the mud. We are facing not only economic ruin but the destruction of the American way under your command as you incessantly fail to work with Congress and claim you will go it yourself even though that is likely in violation of the Constitution in many instances of the action you take. Is it true sir, what you said: "So there's no doubt that things have gotten better ...." I don't think so but I do believe what you said a moment later, in essence about your rhetoric: "... But that's little comfort if you're one of the folks who have lost their job, and haven't found another". Mr. President you were right on the money when you said it was little comfort to folks like that and it remains so as the economy remains in a major slump and is once again about to be losing high numbers of jobs. I conclude sir, that you are, without doubt, the worst president of my life time.

All the best for America,
Glenn B