Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is It Ever A Good Bet To Procrastinate On Registering Your Car

You can safely bet that if you wait too long to register your car, the police are going to pull you over sooner or later for expired license plates. Chances are that you will also be getting a ticket for the expired plates. I don't think they have determined yet if they will give Shawn Bloemer a ticket for his expired plates though because when the police in Louisville, KY pulled over his car, because of the expired registration, they got a big surprise. They heard banging noises and cries for help coming from the trunk. Seems that Bloemer had been the victim of foul play and was allegedly bound and put into the trunk by three assailants who then stole his car, the one with expired tags.

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Sometimes it seems it is just in your best interest to procrastinate!


All the best,
Glenn B