Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sooner or Later They Will Get It Right

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Is The Ammo Buying Frenzy Causing Sites to Crash

About a half hour ago, as I write, I checked http://gunbot.net to see if I could find any 9mm ammo at an almost reasonable price. Palmetto State Armory was shown at having Federal 115 grain FMJ 9mm ammo at .36 cents per round. The next higher price for similar ammo was shown at .72 cents per round. I jumped on it and ordered 500 rounds - or I guess I should say I tried to order 500 rounds. I submitted my order, or at least clicked the icon to do so, two times and each time, after several minutes of waiting, I got a message saying my order did not go through. I am on try number 3 right now, it has been "Submitting order information..." for well over 20 minutes now. My guess is that folks must be sitting around, watching their computer screens, to see when gunbot updates with available ammo at lower prices than otherwise offered and then pouncing on it in a frenzy of orders and that is either crashing the retailers' sites or slowing them down so much that many orders must not be getting through to them. It is not my Internet connection, every other site I go to comes up almost instantly. So, my guess is, it has to be he Palmetto Armory site and that it is being overloaded with orders.

Is anyone else having a similar problem? 

Al the best,

Glenn B

Edited to add: I just got an email, thanking me for my order, after over 30 minutes of waiting. The thing is though that I still have a window saying: "Submitting order information...". I hope that does not mean that one of my earlier orders got through even though the earlier order screens both indicated that those orders failed to go through.