Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Photos of the NY SAFE Act Protest - June 11, 2013

The crowd was fairly big but not as large as in
January or February at previous rallies.

Could be a modern day Captain America.
Officer Joe Friendly? Very few guns were
evident at this pro RKBA rally. LIF, the group
I went with, prohibited guns on the bus.

Albany Radio Host, Melody Burns, a great speaker
for the RKBA and for the liberty to exercise it.
NYS Said it Expected Only 200 Folks to Attend This Rally
And Kept Us Off of The Grass With a Corral. They Also Failed
 To Supply Porta-Potties Which They Did Have At Prior Rallies.
 Steven McLaughlin, pro RKBA NY State Assemblyman,
another excellent speaker on our behalf.

Richard Mack, another great speaker
and former sheriff of Graham County, AZ
Former Westchester County District Attorney and judge,
 Judge Jeanine Pirro. You know her but did you know she is
a strong advocate for the RKBA!
She was pissed at Cuomo and the NYS Legislature.
I think she figured the sentiment in the
next photo was exactly the right one.
This sign got me to thinking.
I signed about 100 of these post cards. They were handed out by
a pro-RKBA group from a table set up at the rear of the assembly.
This rally was a bit more commercialized than the previous
two NY SAFE Act protests. Lots of shirts and stickers for
sale and there were 4 or 5 food trucks street-side.
I think that state workers were, for the most part,
afraid to come to the windows to watch the protest.
Mind you - not afraid of us but afraid of being
fired by his majesty Der Fuhrer Cuomo.

Most of the Faithful Few, of the 8,000 strong membership, of
LIF who went on the bus trip to protest the NY SAFE Act.
This photo was taken by the trip organizer. Photo source:

This is Roman, he was our bus captain and the guy
who organized the trip for Long Island Firearms
 members to protest in Albany. He did a great job!
Unless otherwise attributed in photo captions and that applies only to the group photo, all of the above photos are copyrighted by Glenn R. Bartley, June 11, 2013, all rights reserved.

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Glenn B