Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gone For Well Over 7 Years Now...

...he passed on to another world on September 12, 2003, just under 4 months after he lost his beloved wife June Carter-Cash. I miss his gravel filled deep voice, his words, his story filled songs and the tough yet sometimes tender style of his ballads. His songs and ballads were set to a new style of country music, that which was fit for the country boy or gal in us all even if we were from the big city. His music always meant a lot to me as I know it did for others. Two of his best songs are below (there are many others just or almost as good), and so is one of his best collaborations with three other country singers (of the 4 only 2 are still with us).

Hopefully, somehow, he still does remain and he will be back again and again and again even if no other way than to remain in our hearts and to be passed on to our children and then onto theirs. That could keep him alive forever. Who knows, maybe someday, someone on a starship may listen to Johnny Cash as that someone travels across the universe divide to the far side of it all, or maybe someone will listen to Johnny Cash on a far away planet just as a falling drop of rain catches his eye. I know my son Brendan loves his music, I hope his children someday will do likewise. Maybe it will be one of them who will travel the universe in that starship to see that raindrop. Johnny Cash's music being passed from one generation to the next has got him started on the road to immortality. Pass him on down through the ages, don't let Johnny Cash be forgotten.

Johnny Cash - Hurt from kakofoni on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed the music.


I'd bet he has indeed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Gun Shots 99 - Man With Guns, Man On A Mission - Mission Accomplished - Three New Shooters Among Our Ranks

Today, I got it right. After our failed attempt yesterday, my friend Dom and I met up at the range. Sadly, Brendan did not make it. Normally, he would not have made it on a Sunday because he works on Sundays, but today he had a double whammy and he was in bed sick all day. Still up there now snoring away. Well anyway, Dom and I got together and Dom brought along two of his sons, Matt 16 and Dom 22 at the Nassau County Range in Uniondale.

Once they were there, we checked in and Dom was nice enough to pay my range fee. I really appreciate that. Then we headed into the range. Before shooting though, I gave all three of them a quick safety briefing just outside the actual range. I probably babbled for 10 or 15 minutes on safety. I went over the so called 4 rules plus a few of the other cardinal rules of firearms' safety. They all paid attention and that was even nicer than having my range fee paid for by someone else. Once inside the range, I went over more safety stuff. I then uncased the Remington 513T Matchmaster and went over the parts of the rifle and some info about the ammo for it. I then told and showed them how to operate it. Again, all three paid attention very well and again I was very pleased. As I explained to them, one mistake is all it takes and that one mistake can end a life and be your albatross for a lifetime. Each one of them had some pertinent questions and again I was pleased because it only was more evidence of them having paid attention and wanting to learn.

Soon enough, I was pretty sure they were ready to shoot and I let one of the youngsters have a crack at it. I am not sure but think it was young Dom who shot first. Whenever he shot - first or second - he did pretty good. While we were only shooting at 10 yards, to get the basics in on this first go round, he did better than other new shooters I have seen and taught. Matt also shot fairly well and Dom the elder shot surprisingly well. I figure maybe he has shot before but he said not. I let them shoot a few more magazines out of the Remington, then we switched over to a Ruger 10/22. I could see immediately that they had an easier time holding the the Ruger as compared to the Remington. That 513T is a fairly heavy 22. Dom Sr. even mentioned how much lighter was the Ruger.

I am pretty sure that Dom the younger started off with the Ruger. He shot a pretty good group and while doing so he exercised good trigger control, and good firearms' safety. Then Matt shot and I was impressed. They both fired the Ruger standing, unsupported, where they had fired the Remington standing but elbows supported on the bench. Well, Matt surprised us all; he got the best group of the two youngsters firing unsupported, I am guessing about 2 or 2.5 inches across. That was with a stock Ruger 10/22 with factory iron sights. Dom the dad also took several shots with it and did pretty well but not as good as he had done with the Remington, which by the way has peep sights.

After that they each shot the Ruger and the Remington a couple of times and before we knew it time was up. Truthfully, Dom the dad may have had the best group of all but I did not want to tell hm that in font of his kids and have it go to his head. Even if he did though, it was not better than Matt's by much and Dom he younger's was pretty close to that one. In other words they all did well. Next time I think we shoot one magazine each at 15 yards, then out to 25 yards for the three of them.

When we were done we cleaned up and we talked about doing it again. I told Dom to make sure to get himself a hunter safety certificate and after that he would be able to bring Matt to the range without me but that I was certainly willing to help them out again in the near future. Matt, being 16, is required to shoot with an adult and the adult is required to have a hunter safety certificate or certain firearms' instructor qualifications. Then Dom said he was thinking of buying a rifle because it had been so much fun and I almost fell over. Sometime in there, I recalled to Dom's sons that just a couple of years ago or so, Dom the dad had told me something to the effect of: 'I will never have a gun in my house and never let my kids have a gun or shoot.' Dom must be becoming a conservative or something. I am happy for the change, I have some new shooting buddies and so will Brendan hen he joins in with all of us.

As for me shooting today, I think I fired only two shots when demonstrating the Remington. I had a great time despite not shooting more than that. It was really nice to bring some folks into the world of shooting- especially ones who were attentive and safety conscious. Three new shooters in one day was not to shabby and Dom said another son wanted to come today but could not make it. That just means I have another potential new shooter lined up for a future lesson. I am looking forward to it.

Besides teaching some new shooters today, I figure I helped to stimulate the economy albeit in a way that the current administration might not approve. I mean by converting 3 new shooters, just think how I helped the economy today. Three new shooters means at least the purchase of one new rifle, maybe more (more is inevitable if they stick with it). It also means sales of ammo, shooting safety accessories, cleaning accessories and supplies, among other things. They also will spend money on range fees and on gas to get to the range. Heck if a few current shooters matched this, it could cause a local gun shop, or a local range, to hire someone new and we would have created a job or two. Of course, it also means father and sons having a good time together and that, while maybe doing little for the economy, is priceless. I know so because that is how I value my range time when Brendan is with me - as absolutely priceless. Speaking of Brendan, it is time for me to go check on him to see how he is feeling. Later for all of you.

All the best,
Glenn B