Friday, March 31, 2023

A Scary Evening It Was Tonight...

 ...not on my account but because my son sent me a text message telling me he was heading home from work to grab the dog and get into the closet once he got there. In other words, there was a tornado alert for where he lives in AR. He saw some devastation on his way home: a park with a trench tore through it and trees torn in half. Later he saw some buildings/homes that had been destroyed as I understand it. He sent a photo of several hones that had been destroyed, an aerial shot so not one he took but probably from a new article. 
Little Rock, AR, West Little Rock and apparently parts of  North Little Rock and Sherwood were hit. Some were hit, very hard in some places. Brendan, his girlfriend Nikki and their dog Chubbs came through it alright; although he said when he got home Chubbs was terrified. Brendan's house, as far as he can tell as of now, is okay. The morning may shed new light on any possible damage to the house that may have been done that he did not see yet this evening.

Yes, it was scary waiting to hear that they came through it alright, especially after the tornadoes of a few days ago that devastated other areas. I told him it is time to look for a job in AZ or SD and that probably is not a bad idea to carry through on; although, I am none to sure as to whether or not SD is tornado prone but am pretty sure they are at least very rare in AZ.
So, as it turns out, the visit I expected him to make to my place tonight is out. He may come by tomorrow if the roads are open. I hope so, I could use his help at the gun show I will be attending and some help after the gun show to drink down a few HB weisse biers and some Jagermeister I bought just for us this weekend.
I am not much the praying type but am praying for the folks in the hit areas.
All the best,
Glenn B
PS: Yes, the cumpewder is still not 100% right so more blogging may be scant through midweek of the coming week.