Friday, January 3, 2020

Trump Has Got Balls Of Steel & So Far Has Been Right... his decisions on both the national and international levels for the greater part of the most part. It remains to be seen though if he was right in that he ordered the assassination of  Gen. Qassim Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) elite Quds Force. That it was indeed a ballsy move; well, of that there is no doubt. Let's hope it was the right one. I say so not only because of the possible outcome(s) that attack could produce, such as war with Iran or increased terrorists attacks against U.S. forces and interests and allies but because he did it in an election year. If the outcome is not favorable, very much so, it could cost him the election. I would think it will cost him the election if things go badly for us in the way of retaliatory strikes and Iran has promised a harsh retaliation (more here). Now don't get what I just said wrong; I am not saying that I believe things will go wrong but I do think that President Trump is walking on the razor's edge. If he slips though, he does have those balls of steel to dull that edge and stop his fall.

I see very few options for President Trump and the U.S. if Iran decides and actually attempts to openly retaliate or even do so covertly. In reality, there may be only one option, and that is going to be a massive strike against the Iranian government. That would probably be in the form of air, drone and cruise missile strikes, maybe even a nuclear strike depending on how far Iran tries to push it; although using nuclear weapons may seem far fetched - as I said - it depends on Iran's response. Of course, a precisely dropped MOAB or three might do the trick without the need to go to a nuclear option.

Whatever President Trump does, should the Iranians attempt severe retaliation, it is going to have to be lightning swift (maybe preemptive), extremely decisive and very if not totally successful. My guess is that the president is fully aware of this and that he already has a plan laid out. I wish him and the U.S. a lot of luck with this one because it could go either way, it could also possibly ignite WWIII. Trump is no fool though and my bet is that he did not act rashly and has a plan, a well considered and laid out one, ready to go. May the force be with us and may we kick Iran's arse.

All the best,
Glenn B