Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Ordered A New Shooter...

...and with any luck it will arrive here by next Thursday. Chances are that it won't arrive at my FFL by then but one has to have hope. The reason I am hoping it does get here by Thursday is that on Friday, Brendan and I are heading to the 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot in NH. It would be nice to break it in there. I am not going to say what I ordered because I want that to remain a surprise until Brendan gets to see it in hand. I think he will be happy with the choice I made. I am pretty sure both he and I will have lots of fun shooting it. More on that once it has been delivered.

All that sellers remorse I had from selling some ammo and guns - it's all gone now. Funny how that works its way out of your system when you order a new gun, at least sometimes anyway.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aaaaarrrrrggggghh - What Have I Done Selling 22LR Ammo???????

I sold 2,325 rounds of 22LR today for just under 7.8 cents per round. I must be out of my mind! Why on earth or in the universe would I do that? I have seller's remorse already or no maybe I don't.

I am kind of stoked looking forward to maybe getting a particular new rifle (if you read this before you know I edited it and that's because of something I mention in my very next post) that I am hoping on purchasing with the cash I have brought in selling some ammo and guns recently and the money I had in my change & dollar bill jar. I am also hoping for a bit more to come in from another gun sale but am not depending on that because it's not in hand yet.

All the best,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Firearms Instructor Stands Behind The Student Shooter...

...and patiently awaits the effects of the recoil.

All the best,

In India They Know How To Fight Crime...

...and how to give women the opportunity to protect themselves.

Too bad we don't have the same mindset throughout the USA, there would be far less crime. But we don't think like that in too many places in the USA because of skanks politicians like this:


All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Maintenance = Little Blogging

What can I say, I was busy today cleaning some rifles. Only 5 or 6 of them but I gave them a fairly good going over. Let me just say that three of them routinely have corrosive Soviet Bloc milsurp ammo fired through them and those bores needed a good cleaning. Even though I cleaned them extensively after last shooting them, those bores all had residual gunk in them. I got a lot of crud out of them and I can say those bores are all bright and shiny nice. Now, I'm almost done with the scheduled summertime maintenance of my guns.

I was also busy with some gun sale stuff and with getting some ammo together that I am selling tomorrow. It's one of the more difficult calibers to get in any good sized amount - 22LR. I am selling 2,325 rounds of it to someone in a private sale tomorrow - one box of 325 rounds and four bricks. What can I say, I need the money. Happily, that money is earmarked for a new gun I want to get before next week's 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot at a super seKrit location in the northeast.

Later 4 U,

The Curse Of The Winchester Model 37

I have tried to sell my Winchester Model 37 three times now but the sale fell through the first two times and I am in he process of the third attempt.

Maybe I am too particular but when I tell someone my terms, I mean to stand by those terms of sale and if the potential buyer does not want to abide by them there will be no sale. The second attempt at selling it, this time via, fell through yesterday after several emails, over more than a week's time, back and forth between me and the guy who had the high bid on it. Everything went cordially but not smoothly. In the beginning I had a question for BATFE about shipping the gun to an FFL not in the same state as the buyer and about whether or not I could accept an emailed FFL from the buyer's dealer. They got back to me quickly and affirmed I could do both as far as the feds were concerned. That went okay and the buyer was happy to wait for me to get that confirmation. I notified the buyer that was all okay and he could send me the FFL, payment and a copy of his ID along with a signed statement that I require to make the sale:

"I (state name) affirm that I am 18 years old or older and am either a U.S. Citizen or legal resident alien permanently residing in the U.S. and that I may legally possess this Winchester Model 37, 12 gauge, shotgun at my shipping address and at my residence and or place of business. I have never been convicted of a felony nor of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, I am not the subject of a court restraining order, I am not under indictment for a felony offense or any crime of domestic violence, I am not addicted to or a user of any illegal drug, I am not addicted to any legal drug, I have never been adjudicated as mentally ill and am not under treatment for any mental health disorder including taking medications such as but not limited to anti-anxiety or anti-depression drugs.” 

I know, it's not required under federal or state law. It is however, my requirement and my terms & conditions are clearly stated in my item descriptions when I sell anything via online auction or via gun forum. Many gun sellers on GunBroker list their terms likewise and many require a similar statement from the buyer.

The buyer sent me his ID and payment. There was no statement. He said his dealer would email me a copy of the FFL. I let the buyer know I needed the statement and that it was in the item description. He said he would send it. At some time in there, he also notified me his dealer could not email me the FFL because of some reason or another. I told the buyer to mail it to me and also told him to assure it was legible and signed in an ink other than the color of the photocopy (helps assure it is an original signature). I remained patient just as the buyer had done for me.

I received a partially illegible copy of the FFL in the mail some days later. The signed buyer's statement did not arrive by then. The buyer asked me to contact the FFL to tell  the dealer what I wanted after I had told him the copy was unacceptable because it was partially illegible and the dealer's signature on it was not original. An original signature is required when a photocopy is used (funny it's not the same for an emailed copy but the dealer supposedly could not email it to me).

The buyer then asked for more time so he could use another FFL. As I had before, I remained patient, there was no hurry for me. As I understand, that FFL then apparently told him he had done all that was needed under federal law and something about the "it  and the buyer then asked for his money back; that was yesterday. Of course, I had not cashed the money order and was okay with returning it but not happy. I sent it back today along with the copies of his ID and the FFL; no hard feelings were included. I have everything documented in emails so that if I need to, I can show those emails to GunBroker to get back the fees I had to pay for that auction. I have already filed a claim to have the fees refunded. Why anyone would bid on my item if he was not going to abide by my terms is beyond me; maybe that is a product of our society - people thinking, insisting and even demanding they get it their way regardless of the rules. At least this buyer remained cordial throughout and  did not insist or make demands of me. 

Am I a stickler for completing a sale as per the terms I clearly stated in the item description? You can safely bet that I am. There is no way I would ever accept a partially legible FFL when it is so illegible that you cannot plainly see the seal. Nor would I accept an illegible ID (which was not the case in this instance). There also is no way I would sell via an online auction without getting that signed statement from a buyer; it's just something to help cover one's arse (my arse in particular) and a similar statement is required by many sellers who use; seeing one on GunBroker is what gave me the idea to require one in the first place.

Edited, On July 28th at1436, To Add: Well shut my mouth; the buyer (the second potential one) actually did send the statement to me and almost as I had scribed it. I just got it in the mail today. He said he would send it and did indeed send it. So, as it seems now, the buyer had been willing to comply with my terms. The only thing that killed this sale was the fact that the dealer did not send me another copy of his FFL (a completely legible one that was properly signed) or that the second FFL he was going to go with said everything had been done that needed to be done under federal law but then he had not seen the crappy copy of the FFL that had been sent to me. Had I gotten a proper FFL - the sale would have been completed. That blows.

Well anyway, I put the shotgun back up for auction last night. Because it 'sold' so quickly the last time for the 'buy it now' price of $200 plus shipping I decided to ask for a bit more. It sold in a day last time regardless of its fairly poor cosmetic condition which was plainly stated in the item description and shown in photos in the auction. So, this time I asked for a starting bid of $200 and a 'buy it now' price of $250. I guess that once again, I should have asked for more. It sold, at the 'buy it now' price, in much less time than it did the last time. It sold at the 'buy it now' price, in 23 minutes and 24 seconds of me putting it up for a 7 day auction. That time is some amazing coincidence because the first time I tried to auction it off on GunBroker, it sold in 24 hours 23 minutes and 24 secondsAs for maybe not asking for enough for it, as I said before, I see no reason to be greedy and will be happy if this deal actually goes through and I can put that money into my pocket.

If the deal does not go through, it will be the third failed potential sale of it and I will then have to consider that there is a curse on it - The Curse of the Winchester Model 37. But I am getting ahead of things saying that now, let's wait and see what happens this third time around. As the sayings go: "third time's a charm" and "third time pays for all". I can only hope so!

All the best,
Glenn B

Hitler Probably Would Have Loved This Jew - At Least Until No One Had Any Guns

I am talking about presidential nominee candidate Bernie Sanders. You will understand why once you have read this article.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 27, 2015

Woman Killed By Escalator & Video Appears Online Without Warning Of Graphic Content


It was almost like she was pulled into a meat grinder and they showed the very graphic video of it in the article I read about it. It wasn't gory with blood everywhere, but a video (a quite graphic video) accompanying this article clearly showed a Chinese woman as she was pulled into the inner-workings of an escalator.t really was much the same as I have seen meat go through the top section of a meat grinder. The escalator's landing platform collapsed under her but not before she pushed her child to safety. The child was grabbed by a woman who had been at the top, that same woman who grabbed the child then tried to pull out the woman who was being pulled into the escalator. Another two women, who had been at the top, seemed at a loss as what to do. There was no hope of getting her out without someone hitting the emergency stop of the escalator and evidently no one thought of doing so (if indeed escalators in China have emergency stop buttons). At least there was something good to be seen amid the tragedy in that the child was saved.

I am pretty saddened that we have come to this in our society. The this being the willingness to accept the media showing someone dying or at least going to their death, what most certainly was a terrible death and in this case made more terrible because she was aware of what was happening and was helpless to stop it, only so the media can make more money by assuring it gets as many views as possible.

Did I watch it? Yes, I did but only because I opened the link to the article and the commercial that preceded the news video auto played. I scrolled down as it did so and read some of the article. When I realized the commercial was done, I scrolled back up to see what I expected would be a typical American type news report with reporters being shown as they yacked away at one another and maybe a photo or two of emergency responders at the scene. Instead, what I saw was a woman being pulled to her death in the bowels of an escalator. As I said though, not before she was able to save her child. Maybe I am naïve but I never expected to see that.

I am not all that squeamish, I have seen some pretty gory things before. However, when I am sitting at home, in a good mood, reading the news online, I don't need to have that thrown in my face without warning. I had a choice, click on the link to the article or click on a link to the video of it. I chose to go to the article and there was the apparently raw video anyway! If I had been given a warning of graphic content, I may or may not have watched it later but certainly would not have watched at that particular moment.

I am, or can be, as curious as the next person, even as to the morbid. Yet, I like to be forewarned so I can decide if I want to view something like that or not. I just don't get any enjoyment in seeing an innocent person lose her life in such a manner and detest that some people do enjoy it, in that there is evidence of a breakdown of our society. I also am incensed that Fox would put it there without warning and thus not give the viewer an opportunity to knowledgably decline watching it. It's not an action or war movie, it's real life coming to an end. Stuff like that is more what I would have expected to see in the pages of a supermarket tabloid of yesteryear than in the content of a major media outlet today - at least without a warning as to its content.

All the best,
Glenn B 

Has HBO Gotten The Big Picture

It's been reported that HBO had asked boxer Sergey Kovalev not to don his signature trunks with the Tulammo logo across them back of them. It seems some small amount of boxing fans took offense and raised a stink to HBO about the logo being for an ammunition manufacturer. In response HBO made the request that he does not wear those trunks.

Imagine the hypocrisy behind HBO making a request like that. They televise shows, on a frequent basis, in which there is loads and loads of gun violence and they are happy to rake in the bucks from that. Yet, when one man wears a single firearms related logo and they get a relatively paltry amount of complaints they move to restrict that man's liberties.

Then the backlash came from firearms enthusiasts.  After that, it seems HBO turned on the big screen TV, the one with PIP, and saw that tiny PIP box was the one showing the anti-gunners complaints while the picture on the big screen was that of the firearms rights supporters. That big picture was apparently enough not only to have HBO reconsider the request it had made but to actually rescind it. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 26, 2015

That Dead Guy Who Had All The Guns & Ammo - The Story Has Gotten Very Strange

It seemed fairly unbelievable that a dead guy's home would be found to contain well over one thousand guns and two tons of ammo but things have gone way beyond that; although, the police are still saying it looks as if he acquired the guns legally. The story is now that he had: over 1,200 guns, scopes, 6.5 tons of ammunition, bows and arrows, knives, machetes and $230,000 in cash.

His reported fiancé (who was reportedly with him for 17 years) is also reportedly claiming that he was a secret agent, that he had claimed he was dying of a mystery disease caused by a chemical nerve agent to which he had been exposed while on a mission, that he died in her and her friends' presence, that she left his body in the car and expected a government agency to take care of it all, that she went away for several days and when she returned was surprised to see his body still in the car and that she then contacted the authorities. Read more at the source - it does not get much stranger than this.

All the best,
Glenn B

Today In History - Several Notable Events...

...took place in history today - July 26th - that were of importance to the United States of America:

On this day in 1775, the Second Continental Congress established the U.S. States Postal System with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster. Yes, that was (as you probably noted) before the Declaration of Independence but it was also after the commencement of the Revolutionary War which began on April 19, 1775. (April 19th is also the anniversary of my wedding - but that's a war of another sort.)

On this day in 1788 New York finally ratifies the Constitution thus becoming the 11th of the original 13 colonies to do so.

On this day in 1847 Liberia becomes an independent nation. Liberia formerly had been a colony of the American Colonization Society which had been set-up in a controversial move as an alternative to the emancipation of black slaves within America.

Happy birthday Mick Jagger, born on this day in 1943 (and yes he was indeed of importance to America). He sure is getting old but aren't we all.

On this day in 1948, President Truman issues an executive order ending segregation in the U.S. military.

In 1953, Fidel Castro and others began the Cuban Revolution with an unsuccessful attack on a Cuban military base. 
In 1984, on this day, accused serial killer Ed Gein - the inspiration for the movie psycho and possibly for The Silence Of The Lambs dies from cancer. From what I understand he was a heinous murderer who committed truly horrible acts on his victims.

All the best,
Glenn B

It May Be Time To Head To This Car Wash

I just washed my car, a couple or few weeks ago, for the first time in well over a year. Even though it remains pretty clean, I think it might be time to head to a this car wash today.

All the best,

Unabashedly Taking Advantage Of The Blind

Or should I have said taking liberties with the blind?

All the best,

Some Guys Just Have All The Luck

Just another good reason - other than sunburn, sharks, jellyfish, hypodermic syringes, trash, crowds of shitheads and sand up my crack - for me to avoid the beach especially while naked.

All the best,
Glenn B

It Was A One Shot Kill...

...and the woman who fired that shot, a reported prostitute escort, maybe should get a medal for firing it. She was accosted, when she answered the door, by a man who was responding to an add on He allegedly told her "live or die" almost as soon as he entered apparently with gun in hand. Then he reportedly tried to strangle her and foolishly put the gun down evidently while trying to gain a tighter death grip. So what did the lady do, she picked up the gun, pointed at her assailant, and fired one shot. That was all she wrote, the alleged scum bag was dead. It is nice to see someone fight back and win when accosted by a slimeball, dirtbag, POS of like I imagine this guy must have been. The killing was ruled justifiable homicide.

The police have their work cut out for them as it is suspected that the deceased may have been a serial killer who was responsible for the deaths and or disappearances of six (6) other women, some of them prostitutes. I guess the fact that he had attacked this escort and that he had another pistol and a few sets of handcuffs in his pockets, along with bleach, a shovel, s machete, axes, knives and sledge hammer (among other things) that were found in his trunk could make the cops think he was involved in something nasty. While there are legitimate uses for all of those items, they all could also be used to facilitate and abduction, murder, dismemberment, burial and cleaning up the resultant mess. Hopefully she not only shot her assailant but also the guy responsible for those other crimes who will now no longer be committing any further ones. More here.

All the best,


Saturday, July 25, 2015

If They Attempt To Charge This Naval Commander...

...with any crimes at all, or with any violations that would force him out of the military, or make him accept anything other than an honorable discharge, or demote or otherwise punish him, the patriots of this country should band together and march on Washington, DC in protest.

The Navy Times has reported that not only one Marine was armed when the crazed radical Islamist attacked the Navy support center recently but that a Naval Officer engaged the terrorist. It has been reported that Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, in charge of the Naval support center, engaged the filthy pig before he even opened fire as he approached the center with his weapon out. For a more detailed account, at least compared to other reports I have seen to date, go here to the Navy Times article.  It is difficult to understand why it has taken so long for this to all come out and then not on the front pages of every newspaper and on the homepages of every online news outlet of the mud slinging media main stream media but in a military newspaper.

If anything, the Lt. Cmdr. should receive a medal for his bravery and at most receive a verbal reprimand in his file for having a pistol in violation of the rules. The military is now wondering why he was so armed. It is obvious to me why he had it, isn't it to you. He did the right thing and maybe helped save some lives in doing so by allowing others to escape as he engaged with the dirty dog who apparently had hoped his martyrdom would allow him into heaven despite his prior sins. Yes folks, in my mind that undeniably means the shooting was motivated by Islam.

And folks, there is a chance that it was either the police or the armed Marine or the armed Navy Lt. Cmdr. who took out the bad guy (or maybe two of them or even all three). It is still being investigated as to who it was that shot and killed him.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Cannot Think Of A Better Question To Ask About Illegal Aliens...

...than the one posed on this poster. I am sure that Oblubbermouth President Obama and his minion would have a whole slew of answers but not even one of them that would make any logical sense.

A hat tip to Pete G who had that on Facebook.

All the best,

Oh Mr. Firearms Instructor, Look At What The Recoil Did... the zipper on my jacket!

As I think I have pointed out before, they
never dress like this when I am at the range!
All the best,
Glenn B

Y'all May Wanna Stand Back A Bit

There is simply not enough chili in universe to do that to me.

All the best,

I Have Got To Start Paying More Attention To Local News

I am going to bet that the officer in this video, the one who shot at the dog, is still working as an NYPD officer (although he may be on traffic detail or assigned permanently to a desk in the property section). It truly amazes me that he would have drawn his hand gun and then fire with what seemed to be reckless disregard for the safety of others in the near vicinity. I don't know what they are training officers nowadays when it comes to defending themselves from dogs but I would bet the one guy in the video got it right when he said he didn't think that was it. I did not post this here to bash the cops but more to show you what you need to consider when shooting at something. If there are people beyond what you are shooting at, you need to consider that. Depending on the totality of the circumstances, it does not always mean you will not take the shot but it most certainly does mean that sometimes you have to refrain from shooting and find some other way to defend yourself. Just in case you are wondering if that means that yes, I am saying sometimes you take the shot even though innocent people may be in the path of the bullet(s) beyond your intended target, my answer, speaking for myself only, would be that yes I can see justifiably taking such shot under certain circumstances, especially when the potential for public benefit far outweighs the threat of the harm being posed. For instance, a guy starts shooting people on a crowded street and is shooting them down rapidly one after another and you have the chance to stop him with a well placed shot but if you miss you may hit a person in the crowd. Think about what happens if you do not shoot - he keeps shooting and mowing down innocent people. Under such a set of circumstances I might decide to shoot. It is a choice each law abiding armed individual has to make based upon the totality of the circumstances. In the particular circumstance shown in the video, I think there was a much better way to handle it than shooting the at the dog when pretty much surrounded by a crowd.

All the best,

See What Happens When You Don't Wear Eye Protection

If you are lucky, you wind up like this lady who was maybe rubbing a slight bit of powder residue out of her eyes (then again, it could have been tears remorse or happiness for just having shot her husband).

All the best,
Glenn B

I Do Not Think Hillary Clinton Will Be Elected President...

... and that is because I do not think she will win the democratic primaries. With all of her problems, I have to wonder if anyone can see her as anything but a blatant liar, a failure on foreign policy, an unpatriotic arse wipe who cares not one iota about our troops or national security, an unpatriotic tyrant, a possible law breaker (or at least rules breaker) on national security concerns, a leftist with at least a quasi-commie agenda, and a miserable failure as a wife. Yes, I ask myself that each day and the answer I give myself is that in my opinion: yes - many love her for just those things but not enough of them to get her to the White House. While not only hampered by all that, she is also seen as having been a loser the last time around.

The thing with all this that scares me is that if not she, then who will get the democratic nomination to run for their party? The Republicans have, what is it now, 16 major candidates, whom I mostly have heard of, in the running. Then there are another 17 candidates (if I counted right) who have declared they are running as Republicans with all of whom I am unfamiliar (source) and two more whom are expected to declare. They are truly that divided and uncoordinated. So, someone on the left will have an easier time of it and will have more funding likely flowing his or her way before the Rebooblikans even have an inkling of whom they might nominate.

While he may sometimes trip over his own tongue, this all makes The Donald look ever so much more appealing. He tells it as he sees it even if it comes right back at him and I, for one, certainly can admire that in a man; although',I could also admire a bit more discretion on what he says and how he says it. Showing disrespect for that piece of trash John McCain is alright in my book but not for veterans in general nor for those who were captives. John McCain's record of being a leftist arse wipe should be more than enough to keep him from the presidency unless he runs as a demoncrat. Trump needs to learn how to better take aim at those he wants to shoot down by parsing his words better before spewing them out of his mouth.

As far as Trump saying what he did about Mexico, I could not agree more. I believe Mexico is happy to use the USA as it's pressure valve to let off steam when the pressures of living in that shithole become too much. So, I think, they actually encourage illegal emigration out of that country sized slum. I am convinced that if we completely stopped illegal immigration, from Mexico, tomorrow - a revolution in Mexico would erupt within less than one year.

Anyway, Trump looks to be getting stronger day by day even though I still find it hard to believe he is serious about running.  One thing is for certain, he has enough money to seriously run as a totally independent candidate. I am also pretty sure of one other thing - he would beat any democrat, except maybe Hillary, with ease. So if she does not get her party's nomination, I hope he does actually run s I am none to sure any of the others would beat the demoncrats and as I certainly would hate to see the likes of Jeb Bush, John McCain or Chris Christies as our next tyrant. Time will tell.

As for my once upon a time candidate of choice being Bolton, he dropped out of consideration in May, saying he would not run. At least one of the potential candidates back then had the sense not to further muddy the waters as the rest of them are doing now. Hopefully it will clear up well before the primaries and we will wind up with only a few strong and good choices ready to hand a loss to the Democrats after having defeated the RINOs in the primaries.

All the best,

An Old Nemesis Has Been Paying Me A Visit...

...thus the lack of blogging yesterday. Gout sucks!

Although it was worse on Thursday (it hit Thursday afternoon lie a ton of bricks from out of the blue) and I did get to blogging then before it hit and then much later that night. Maybe that was because I took about 4 aspirin and only then changed to something for pain relief that was much stronger - Oxycontin. Even a couple of them did not quell all of the pain but it did make me feel good enough to hobble around just a bit. I can only imagine how bad it would have been on Thursday had I not taken it the pain pills.

As for yesterday, I was just not in the mood yesterday as it was still pretty bad. Day two of agony with each step did not have me in the mood for much except sitting. My wife did get to the pharmacy to pick up my refill for colchicine and that helped some. I got outside for a bit and did some small bit of gardening, then back inside to make some fresh salsa mostly from ingredients grown in the garden, then sitting on my arse wishing I could have a beer but there is no way I am about to have one for at least the next week or two. I may even cut out beer altogether as I recently saw medical information saying that beer is usually the worst type of alcohol to drink when one has gout. Wine is no friend of wine either. I have pretty much cut out red wine too and find it no coincidence that I had two glasses of it on Wednesday and then had a flare up on Thursday. I had thought that by now the allopurinol had stopped the flare-ups but I was wrong and found out the hard way. The thing is, you usually can drink again once allopurinol has taken full effect but since it often worsens gout attacks for several months after you start taking it. I guess I have to give it more time, I have only been taking it for three months now.

Oh well, life goes on and yesterday and today I at least could make it up one flight of stairs from the basement to the first floor as opposed to Thursday afternoon when I made it 3/4 of the way, had to sit down, then work my way back downstairs step by step on my butt. Gout sucks almost as bad as Obama. So, while I am still hobbling around today on a red and swollen foot at least I am hobbling and not moaning in agony with each step.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 23, 2015

If You Have Been Thinking Of Buying Silver - Now May Be The Time

The spot price for silver, as I type is $14.61 cents per ounce. That is about as low as it has gone in at least 5 years. You can pick up silver Canadian Maple Leafs for as little as $2.29 over spot, and American Eagles for $2.99 over spot at I just placed a small order, which would have been bigger if my credit card balances were not as high as they are currently. Yes, I used a credit card and that raises the price some but Goldmart is very reasonable and had better prices than both APMEX and KITCO. My silver cache was pretty much depleted last year to buy some lead, copper & brass (as in ammo) and some guns. That was a mistake that I do not think I will repeat any time soon. With all the ups and downs of our economy and with the Obummer Administration still in the saddle, I plan to slowly build up at least a cache of a couple hundred silver coins over the long term and also maybe add a couple to few gold coins to the mix. It's just a good insurance policy if the economy crashes.

All the best,
Glenn B

California Then & Now

All the best,

Women With Guns - A Little Bit Of Nostalgia

Now and again I like to take a look at the women with gun of a bygone era:

Diana Rig - You may recall her as Emma Peel from
The Avengers but she is seen here in a James Bond Flick.
Anne Margret - I remember seeing her once in some movie and
thinking that there was enough room in her sweater for both of us.
The perfection of Raquel Welch.

Yes, that's Norma Jean having some fun with
what I am guessing is a Colt Woodsman.
Jayne Mansfield - the blonde bombshell whose life was
cut way to short in a tragic car/truck wreck. The Mansfield
Bar - the bars you see on the back of trucks to prevent cars
from going under them, were so named because of her death.
Quite familiar but her name eludes me; someone help me out here.
Yvonne De Carlo - You may remember her as Lily Munster
but if you're a guy and you watched her back then as Lily,
I bet you fantasized about her a whole lot more like this.
Jane Russell, back in the days before implants. She was endowed beyond almost
all, if not all, other Hollywood starlets back then with the possible exception of
Jayne Mansfield. Yet, if that was so, it was close - damned close.
Mary Astor - pictured with a Colt 1911. She played the femme fatale in one
of my favorite movies, The Maltese Falcon. Acting like that truly is a lost art.

Mae West - not the prettiest, not the most well endowed but
surely the sassiest of all actresses to ever pick up a six gun.
All the best,


Sometimes You Just Need To Enjoy The Classics - Mae West

When it comes to the classics of film and great one liners, Mae West was one of the best. I especially like the one about being caught between two evils.

All the best,
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Come They Never Dress Like This...

...when I am the range!

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NY Rated As The Worst STATE For Gun Owners

And maybe I should underline the word STATE if the caps in the title was not enough to emphasize it. Somehow the author of the Guns & Ammo piece, listing the states, said that Washington, DC (number 51 in his order) was the worst state (source). I guess maybe he follows the Barack Hussein Obama school of reasoning about how many states make up the United States of America. Obama, by implication, said there were 60 states when he said he had visited 57 of them, with one left to go and that Alaska and Hawaii had not been visited because they were off limits to him. To me that sure seems to add up to 60.

Anyway, we all know there are 50 states and as you can see in the article - NY is listed as number 50 or as the worst STATE for gun owners. Sadly, my wife will not move away from his hellhole of super liberal leftists, rights & liberties disregarding politicians and bureaucrats, and out and out tyrannical un-American government.

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A Pink Gun... more or less what I would have thought would be the choice of a gal with pink hair. Then again, there is no accounting for tastes or so they say.

Anyway, I didn't post a pic like that here to talk about fashion tastes. I only posted that image here for firearms safety educational purposes, I mean - why else would I put a pic like that here! Thus you probably also will note yes she does have her finger on the trigger, when she shouldn't, but let's for once overlook that to look at how much finger she has on it. It's way too much booger finger on the trigger. The next time you shoot pistol (or rifle or shotgun think about how much of your finger you usually use when performing that other delicate task of booger removal from your always tender nostrils. Respect the trigger of any firearm at least as much as you normally would do with your nostrils and you will likely wind up having he right amount of finger on the trigger - that is at least if you have normal sized nostrils and normal nostril to finger width ratios.

All you really want, in most instances, is the center of the finger pad, to maybe a tad closer to the first joint of the finger, to be on the center of the trigger on the horizontal plane. You do not want the first joint fold or further down (in toward the hand) on the finger to be on the trigger. More on that here but be warned it's a rather long old post of mine.

You can also watch the video I have in that blog; it's a long video but I mention where to start if you just want to see the part about trigger finger placement. You might enjoy the whole thing though - it is pretty amazing for several very different reasons such as great marksmanship and really terrible range safety or lack of it during the trick shooting. In all it is pretty amusing.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Saw This Today At A Local Gun Store...

...and I just about pissed my pants and busted a gut, I was laughing that hard.

I don't often just laugh like that at things I see out in public but this just rang so true and at the same time was so funny, how could I not laugh. I am sure though, if I show it to my wife, she would laugh harder than me. That's probably true for many, if not most, other married men.
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Ammo Alert 45 ACP

Cleaning the basement can be just like a treasure hunt. Let me clarify that, I should say a bit of straightening up, not really cleaning it is what I meant to say because my wife would be sure to tell you it is far from clean or even straightened up. Anyway, that's what a I did for about 30 minutes yesterday before I found an excuse to do something else more pleasurable - like nothing. During that brief time, I came across two out of place boxes. I was pretty sure I knew what was in them; well not specifically but in general. I figured both had some ammo in them. I was right and much to my surprise and pleasure I discovered that one contained 250 rounds of FMJ 45 ACP and the other held 500 rounds of it.

Speaking of 45 ACP, I had been doing some shopping for it in anticipation of the 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot but now that I have found his ammo, I don't need to buy any additional for the shoot and I'll still have a good deal of this left over. While I was shopping around for it though, I noticed that prices have fallen. They are not what I would consider back to normal but certainly are the lowest I have seen in years now. Boxer primed, brass cased, 45 ACP FMJ ammunition is going for as little as about 30 cents per round. That translates to about $300 per case of 1,000 rounds.

The big surprise is that I found it to be less expensive by the box. By the box of 50 rounds, it is selling for $13.99 (Palmetto State Armory) or just under 28 cents per round and that would be only $279.80 for a case. The particular ammo is Sellier & Bellot 45ACP 230gr FMJ. That is a very good practice ammo in my estimation and the price is not bad at all (meaning its darned good) considering todays prices. Add to that, they supposedly have it in stock as I type and you should be ordering by now if you are in need of any 45ACP ammo. Even though I am fairly well stocked up on it, that deal sure is tempting.

I don't know if it is an oversight or if someone at PSA pissed off the folks at but I did not see that deal shown on GunBot's site. In fact, I did not see anything in 45ACP that was listed on GunBot as being sold by PSA. While GunBot is an excellent resource, I guess it pays to shop around even if you use a site like GunBot.

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If Your Going To Be A Hoarder - You May As Well...

...hoard things that you love. Some people hoard knickknacks, others toys, some just about everything including old newspapers and all sorts of trash but one man evidently hoarded or collected away to my heart's content. When the police searched his home, after finding his decomposing body in his parked car about a block from his house (and that may wind up being a big story all on its own), they found what for once the media could be reporting as an arsenal but for some reason they are not, at least not in the two reports I read. I think an arsenal an apt description, then again I think large collection or life's work might be just as appropriate. The find consisted of more than 1,200 guns and approximately two (2) tons of ammo. While I might almost come near to having half that much ammo (chuckle, snicker, sob) I have a long, long, long way to go to acquiring over twelve hundred firearms.

Police have their rather tedious work cut out for them, they are going to try to determine if all of the guns were legal to own and whether or not any of them are linked to any crimes. Of course, they could all be legitimate and perfectly legal to own, even in California. Here is how one of the cops put it:

"Running the background, history and legality of these weapons is going to require a tremendous amount of time.

It's not a crime to have a large number of weapons so long as they were legal to own and legally obtained. We want to make sure that's the case."

More here at the source but sadly not a good enough picture to put in his post. The first but very small photo of the guns that I saw was one that Fox News had on its headlines page was one showing a large mound of pistols piled one atop the other in apparent total disregard for the values of the pieces. A couple of other photos I found, after doing an Internet search, showed the firearms, evidently outside strewn about on blue tarps an not looking like much care had been given to preserving their condition. A picture of rifles (and maybe shotguns too) showed them piled one atop the other much as in the first pic that I saw of the pistols. All that despite the reported facts that some were high end pistols and that many had still been in boxes with price tags attached apparently unfired. If the police took them and threw them in a heap like that - it seems they disregarded their condition, monetary and potential evidentiary values. I would hope that every one of them was legal and that his survivors receive all of them intact and in excellent condition. I would imagine though that the surviving family members, if any, will have what should have been an unnecessary lawsuit for any damage to the guns that might decrease their value. And yes, they could be very valuable depending on make and model. But that is only what  at most will amount to an afterthought. For now they mourn their lost loved one. My condolences to them in this time of their sadness.

In closing, I must say, if all those guns were legal (and maybe even if not) that man seems to maybe have been a man's man among firearms hoarders collectors!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

On Pretending

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Airsoft Never Appealed To Me Before...

...but for some reason it sure does now!
This could make a man want to hop on the next plane to
Hawaii to sign up at Impact Games for some Airsoft fun.
Model: Christine Mendoza, © Oseas Dagdad,
Yet another example of a woman without her finger on the trigger - as it should be unless ready to fire.This image posted here for the purposes of firearms safety education and for that aone. I mean, why else would I post a pic like that here.
A hat tip, my thanks and an aloha to Oseas Dagdag of for his generous permission to use this photograph (and others) in my blog. More like this one to come!
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tomi Lahren Tells It To Obama Like It Is About Islamic Terrorism

It is so clear that it boggles the mind that our president does not get it and has to be told off time and time again by Americans who do get it. It also truly illuminates the sad state of affairs under which we now live during the current administration of a president who cares more about gay marriage, amnesty for illegal aliens, playing golf, wage equality, the minimum wage, and a lot of other things than he does about National Security and the safety of American citizens and legal resident aliens.

He has not even had the decency or shown the respect to order that flags be flown at half staff/mast in honor of the four dead marines and one dead naval officer.

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I Have Got To Give BATFE Some Credit

I don't like the idea that we even have a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives within the federal government and I certainly do not like many, if not most, of their regulations relative to firearms and explosives. However, I have to give them credit when they are due credit. Years ago, I attempted to contact them by email and by telephone regarding an inquiry I had about the legality of a firearms transfer. They basically told me, via a return email, to pound sand. By phone, when I called their HQ, it was not much different. I also sent them a written letter via the post office, it got me nowhere. I called them again, dropped a dime on myself as being a federal agent, and only then did I get someone to give me some advice on my issue.

Last week, I made an inquiry of an issue I was having about shipping a firearm. GunBroker got back to me the same day and they got back to me twice that day because, after their first reply, I had a follow-up question for them. I suppose that was both to my benefit and theirs; after all they are in the business of being a firearms auction house and it stands to reason they answer user inquiries quickly to keep their customer base happy and thus they keep making money.

Had I sent an email to BATFE and gotten a reply the same day, I may have fallen out of my chair on seeing it. Truth be told, I almost did fall out of my chair after contacting them. I sent them an email inquiry about the same subject on the same day I sent my inquires to GunBroker. BATFE replied to my question only two days after that and the reply I received was completely to the point and addressed my inquiry as good or better, in my opinion, than did the replies I got from GunBroker. I don't know what exactly has changed at BATFE to get them to reply to me so quickly, without any bureaucratic smoke being blown up my arse, but that change is a welcome one. Now if only they would realize the meaning of the Second Amendment.

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I've Always Wanted To Hold A Pair Of 45s Like These

I imagine they must be hefty but she appears to support them well enough except for the fact that her fingers are on the triggers, well of the one set of 45s anyway.

Folks, remember - barring certain exceptions - don't put your finger on the trigger unless ready to shoot. This photo posted here for firearms safety education and for that purpose alone. Why else would I post an image like this here anyway!

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Improving The Public's Image Of ISIS

This asshole...

ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
...has got to be kidding! The leader of ISIS reportedly has banned the showing of beheading videos because it may offend other Muslims if it scares their children. Why worry about offending other Muslims - why not just behead them and get rid of them altogether if they don't like those videos? Isn't that what ISIS has been doing to anyone who has disagreed with or is offended by them! More here.

These jerkoffs have some serious mental issues and I think the only cure might be lead to the head. If that offends anyone, especially those in ISIS, I am happy to have written it.

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Glenn B

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Militarized Police Uniform Has Prisoners Surrending in Droves

Crime, in the tiny country know as the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, has skyrocketed and the jails are being filled faster than ever before all because of the new military style uniforms issued to Grand Fenwick's all female police department. Criminals are turning themselves in at a rate never before witnessed anywhere in the world. As for crime skyrocketing - it seems once law abiding men are turning to a life of crime just to be arrested. It has been predicted by Grand Fenwick's Immigration minister that a wave of undocumented male foreigners may soon over burden that tiny country's resources if a similar uniform is issued to their all female border guards.

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Glenn B


A Woman & Her Gun

There is just something about this image that stands out.

I guess its the big gun, and the fact that she does not have her finger on the trigger as should be the case - don't ya think! As usual, this image was posted here for firearms safety education, why else would I post a pic like that in my blog!
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If They Don't Already Outnumber Us...

...and if the rate at which they are getting driver's licenses in CA is any indication, they soon will. More than half, get that, read it again, more than half of all driver's licenses issued in the state of California are issued to wetbacks illegal aliens (source). We are no longer a nation, there is no longer a United States of America - we have lost our country to interlopers through lack of interest in protecting it from this invasion. It boggles the mind that we not only allow this to happen but many encourage it.

It's no wonder the amount of terrorist attacks are and will continue increasing on our soil; our borders are open to all comers and once they are here our president encourages making it easy for them to remain. What a disgrace. As far as illegal entry into the USA goes, Donald Trump has hit the target dead center.

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Glenn B

A Gun Guru Handgun Video That's More Amusing Than Informative...

... because of the mistakes he makes about these pistols such as calling a magazine a cartridge, what he says about firing one handed and how he tells/shows you to unload a revolver. His comment about why women should like the Ruger LCP is destined to become a classic.

By the way, my calling this a gun guru video has nothing to do with his accent. Gun guru is long used term to denote a master firearms know it all instructor (at least he thinks he knows it all) who in essence has virtually no to only little real clue as to the subject matter. Folks, make sure if you seek firearms training, you are getting it from someone who really has the knowledge and experience to train you. That term, in my opinion, fits this guy perfectly. I prefer someone who has been certified as an instructor by a major firearms organization like the NRA but sometimes even that is no guarantee. Do yourselves a favor, read a good book or two - an actual published work on the subject of shooting before you even think of picking up a gun. Then, check with a group like the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, National 4-H Shooting Sports; they can all point you in the right direction to find an instructor who is right on target.

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A Good Example Of Why I Try To Discourage Bag Carry

I don't think firearms are secure when carried in a handbag, purse, attaché case, brief case or any type of bag you usually carry in your hand or hand over one shoulder. First of all, you almost always wind up putting the bag down somewhere during the course of your activities and the pistol inside of it is then in essence not secured. Then there is always a chance of something like this happening. It is just too darned hard to retain a pistol that's inside a bag in such a situation let alone trying to draw it to use it against your assailant.

Let's hope no innocents are wounded or killed by this one that's now in the hands of a thug.

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Glenn B

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's A Longer Wait Than Waiting For Godot

Godot probably arrived about the time the skin started to slough off.
Hat tip to Ed S on whose FB page I first saw this.
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Glenn B

Crusader Fashion

If my wife would wear it, I'd by her one but I think the days of her wearing something like that are gone. Although, I must say, she definitely still has the shape for it.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Four Dead Marines - Can I Just Say I Am Disgusted...

...over today's terrorist attack on our military and LE here at home (source). No I cannot limit myself to saying only that.

Not only four dead marines but a critically wounded (shot) member of the Navy and a police officer also shot (heard that about the wounded on Fox News on the television). It was allegedly committed by a U.S. citizen who was shot down like the dirty dog he was by police. The alleged terrorist dog (yes I added the dog part) reportedly naturalized after immigrating here from a Kuwait (and for the ignorant that is a Muslim nation). So it has been reported thus far. And yet they, as in some government officials, are calling it domestic terrorism! They have got to be kidding. It is the next to last day of Ramadan - so you can bet this was inspired by Islam and especially by the Islamic pigs of ISIS.

How the politicians and military brass have disarmed our military is unfathomable. We are at war people - with a group that wants to annihilate us - whether or not we all want to believe it. They sure believe it and they have been waging war against us at every opportunity. If today does not wake people up to the fact that we are at war with Islam or at least with a huge portion of it, then so be it. When the next jihadi coward commits yet another surprise attack, let they who insist on sleeping die in their sleep. As for me, I am on alert and prepared to defend me and my loved ones and to help defend America in the event that an act of terrorism takes place in my presence and I am able to do anything to help stop it.

If you are not arming yourselves and preparing likewise, I believe you to be fools. I think though that most of the folks who read this blog are already at least somewhat prepared. I hope so.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Arrived

Today's mail held something for which I have been patiently waiting - my nonresident Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms. I applied for mine at the Lackawanna County Sheriff's Office on June 24th. They normally issue them on the day you apply, if you pass the checks they run (and I did pass) but their printer was down. They told me that when they got a new printer, they would print it up and mail it to me. So, it took a little bit - but not all that long considering how long it would take to get a pistol license in NY. Three weeks and a day is nothing compared to the the six months within which it is supposed to be in NYistan; and believe me it usually takes much longer than that unless you are a retired LEO.

One thing I have to point out about the Lackawanna County Sherriff's Office - they all were very nice folks, especially the lady officer who ran the checks and issued the license. In addition, the application process was brief and uncomplicated and the cost was very reasonable at only $20. Of course, I don't think we should be required to have a license to carry anywhere within this country but as it stands now we are so required. Whatever, I am compelled to say that doing business with the Lackawanna County SO's office was an absolute pleasure.

This is my first out of state non-resident pistol license. I anticipate getting at least a couple to a few more. Ones from other states that come to mind possibly would be from AZ, FL, NH, UT and VA.

All the best,
Glenn B

Police Execution Or Justified Shooting - You Decide

Watch The video at this link - before it disappears (as the courts may decide it has to be removed).

Now think about what just happened in the video (even though it was about 2 years ago). Watch it again if you want and really think about what happened. Then answer this - were the police justified in using deadly force in that situation. I am not going to answer it for you, you need to answer that for yourselves; just as the cops had to make their own decisions, you get to make your decisions. There is a difference though, the cops had to do it in a split second while in a real life situation and not while watching a video. I am not justifying there actions, just stating a fact about why it is different than us watching a video.

Now, many people will condemn tem for using deadly force. Many say it was not justified. Others, while not praising the officers (since they shot an unarmed suspect who was not the guy for whom they were searching) certainly are not condemning them but are supportive of them. I will do neither
but I will say this, I may well have shot the guy too but then again maybe not. It depends.

Let me give you a scenario that might be closer to home for you and then think about and answer whether or not you would shoot in the situation I am about to give (one that will be very similar in nature to the one in the video just one that would be more likely for the average guy or gal to encounter since we usually do not go out hunting down suspected violent criminals).

You are home at 1AM, up late and watching a good Bogart movie. You here some noises on the outside of your dwelling, sounds like someone was screwing around with your door. You grab a hand gun and go to investigate. You find a guy trespassing on your property. You tell him not to move, he stops. You tell him hands up - he puts his hands up. You take out your cell one handed, gun in other, and start to call 911. The guy move, you tell him top. He puts his hands down near his waist. You order him to put his hands up and he does. Then he drops his hands and starts moving them erratically. You tell him to put up his hands and not to move; he does it but then drops them to his head and then slightly lifts his hat at the back of his head as maybe he is going for something under it. His hands go back up after another command from you. Then he suddenly takes off his hat. He then drops his hands, with his hat in his left hand (the side to which the cops who shot him were reportedly standing so we will say you are also to your suspect's left), to his waist level. Watch though what he does with his right hand - he moves it momentarily to his right hip and then out from the hip like drawing a gun. Or maybe he was moving his hand toward the hat, and remember that just a moment before it looks as if he was about to reach under his hat. it depends on how you think about it during a stressful few moments. If you do not see it in the first view shown on the video, wait for the view from an additional angle shows. How he moves his right hand can be seen plainly. Granted, it can also be seen to contain nothing but we cannot see inside the hat and by te time the hand is coming up empty - it was too late - the first shots were fired.

Those are the facts of our scenario - pretty much just how they appear in the video with the part about the guy fiddling with and removing his hat and moving his right hand. Now think about it relative to our closer to home scenario. What would you have done in that scenario when the guy removed his hat and he moved his other hand toward his hip with that all being at least partially obscured from your view (because you are to his left)? Would you have just stood there while allowing him to have done all that and thus maybe have allowed him to do what may or may not have come next like draw a weapon and shoot you. Would you have yelled at him some more not to move. Would you have thought - holy shit, he's going for gun and if so would you have shot him. Would you have run away to cover. Do not change the scenario - do not tell me you would have stayed inside. This is being asked to see what you would have done had you confronted the suspect while you were armed with a gun. Then think about the actual shooting and answer whether or not the cops were justified to have shot the guy - regardless of how you think you would have reacted.

I will make only one critical assessment of how the officers handled this situation and it is one of something which I have seen all to often in such videos. I also saw it repeatedly throughout my 32 year career in law enforcement even though, for the several that I had collateral duties as a firearms instructor, I taught my students to do otherwise. I immediately saw that those officers used their guns as their magic shields; in other words - the only thing they stood behind was their guns - THEY DID NOT TAKE COVER, not even did they get behind concealment. That was a glaring error on their part and it, in my opinion, was one of the deciding factors that added up to why they shot this guy. Maybe that was because it seemed as if there was no cover or concealment but there were the police cars and they would have been much better than nothing. Maybe they have been trained to point the nose of their cruisers at suspects so they get it all on the police video cameras but I was never taught that and never taught it to anyone. I was taught that you could angle your car, during a stop, to offer protection to you and your partner. Apparently these officers did not do that and I think, if they had done so, they may have spared a moment or two longer and seen that the suspect was unarmed. I am not saying it would have happened for sure, simply that it may have, but we will never know now because it is too late. I do know though, that taking cover should be one of your primary considerations in any such encounter if for nothing else - for your own safety.

Now that you have watched the video, and probably read the article and hopefully answered my questions about our closer to home scenario or otherwise just figured what you would have done in that real life scenario, answer one more question and please be very honest about it. How many times did you watch that video before making up your mind whether or not you would have shot the guy or as to whether or not the cops were justified to soot him. Remember, they did not have a video to watch; it was happening in real time and thus as fast as watching that video once but with the potential of them being injured. They were there in the heat of the moment facing potential danger and did not have the convenience of being able to watch it unfold in the safety of their living room while sipping a cocktail on a hot summer's night. Again, I am not making excuses for them, I am telling you factual information on which they, at least in part, probably based their decision to shoot and that is information you should consider too in judging them or in deciding whether or not you would use deadly force in a similar situation.

This was a case of an innocent man being gunned down by police because they mistakenly believed he was drawing a weapon. Or, if you prefer, it happened, as some critics say, because it was an execution of an innocent man carried out by trigger happy police who shot the guy because he would not obey their commands. 

Regardless of what anyone thinks on what were the motivations - it was a sad situation with an even sadder result because an innocent man lost his life.

A hat tip to Kenny over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away for having the link posted here.

All the best,
Glenn B