Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gun Maintenance = Little Blogging

What can I say, I was busy today cleaning some rifles. Only 5 or 6 of them but I gave them a fairly good going over. Let me just say that three of them routinely have corrosive Soviet Bloc milsurp ammo fired through them and those bores needed a good cleaning. Even though I cleaned them extensively after last shooting them, those bores all had residual gunk in them. I got a lot of crud out of them and I can say those bores are all bright and shiny nice. Now, I'm almost done with the scheduled summertime maintenance of my guns.

I was also busy with some gun sale stuff and with getting some ammo together that I am selling tomorrow. It's one of the more difficult calibers to get in any good sized amount - 22LR. I am selling 2,325 rounds of it to someone in a private sale tomorrow - one box of 325 rounds and four bricks. What can I say, I need the money. Happily, that money is earmarked for a new gun I want to get before next week's 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot at a super seKrit location in the northeast.

Later 4 U,

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