Friday, January 30, 2015

Romney Out Of The Running - Praise The Lord And Pass The Broccoli

Romney has announced that he will nor run for the presidency in the 2016 elections and while that is music to my ears (and to the ears of most conservatives and Libertarians) it alarms me that some of his support team for the 2012 election seem to be flocking to Jeb Bush (source).

So while I can say a heart felt thank you to Mitt Romney for being patriotic smart enough to realize he would lonely likely lose if he ran and thus for taking himself out of the race - I can only wish that Jeb Bush hates broccoli just like GWB and that the heavens above shower it down on any plans he has to run for the presidency. We don't need another RINO in the White House. Nor do we need another loser running for the presidency and thus one who could put Hillary into it! What we need is someone with much more libertarian and or conservative values and ideals and the balls to stand by them. 

All the best,
Glenn B

The Danes Are The Breasts At Slowing Down Speeders

Yes, without a doubt, Denmark may have come up with the best breast way to slow down speeders. I love it.

Alert, don't watch the embedded video if seeing a pair of naked breasts or three will offend your sense of prudishness. While the video does contain partial nudity, it is only R rated at best and really is not offensive as I see it. In fact, I rather enjoyed it and so will most manly men and lesbians and other breast connoisseurs.

All the best,