Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Big Event Is Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is the big day, the one fans of the event have been waiting for over the last year as they have done every year before for as long as the event has taken place. There are three sides to it – those who are fans for one side, those who are fans for the other, and those who are pretty much disinterested. Forget about those who show little to no interest and let’s concentrate of they who savor every moment of how it will play out.

Many come to watch it from across our nation, in fact some come from abroad to watch it. They arrive early on the day or even early in the week and stay at local hotels enriching the local economy where events unfold. Others will watch it televised live, some will watch it after the fact but all are enthusiastic some to the point of being frenzied. The news media will give it lots of coverage and talk about it throughout the day. It is an American tradition that has gone on almost as long any memory can serve or so it seems. People celebrate it with food and drink and come together in at least the thousands or tens of thousands to watch it live. Those watching it on TV number in the millions. It is that big of an event.

Some folks wager on it, others merely predict how it will play out and end, others argue about how it will go, some folks just guess which way it will go who are not really a fan of either side of it. Some quote statistics of the event in years gone by, others wonder if records will be broken and set. Yet others or some of the same wonder about whether or not anyone will be injured and how it will affect their ability to complete their tasks. Everyone who participates as a spectator enjoys it at least to some degree if not greatly – why bother watching if there is no joy in it for you.

I’d like to attend one year before I kick the bucket – it’s on my list. I’ve never been to that grand of an event before that brings so many from so far together in one place. While it would be some great expense for me to travel to where it’s held any given year, I think it would be worth it if only for the excitement factor and man oh man it is almost always edge of your seat exciting – at least for me. I wonder where you will be and wonder more where I’ll set mine arse to watch while it takes place tomorrow, when the opposing sides come together, those who say it will be one way and those who say another, and then at the moment when the anticipation ends and that little furball Punxsutawney Phil is pulled out of his hole and either sees his shadow or not.

Have a happy Groundhog Day and enjoy the Super Bowl while you're at it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Show Prices - As Crazy Here In TX & AR As In NY

I stopped in at a Murphy's Gun Show in Texarkana, AR today and to put it bluntly it was very disappointing this time around. I've been to Murphy's Gun Shows in Benton, AR and I think Little Rock (or Conway maybe both), AR before and I think also once each in Texarkana, AR and Texarkana, TX. Now, while prices of way too many guns were high at each of those shows, there also have been some decent deals at most of them. I did not see any really outstanding deals today on any of the guns I looked at; in fact some of the prices seemed outrageous.

I started looking at the offerings on the back wall, right hand corner as you faced it, and at the very first table I stopped at too look over their guns I was flabbergasted at what they were asking. For instance, they had a Marlin 336, I think an older one albeit in good to very good condition but I did not see anything special about it. They were asking $800.00. I would have asked for more info on that particular gun so as to determine why the asking price was so high but I just started chuckling out loud and had to walk away. The thought had crossed my mind that some sucker might actually offer them that much for it and I found that rather amusing!

Some other examples of gun prices that gave me sticker shock, so to speak, at this show were:

Russian SKS with laminate stock and cloth sling: $900.00; I've seen that while attending at least one prior show, maybe two others, and they have not sold it yet and I do not think they are likely to sell it without a $400 discount at the minimum.

Sears Roebuck Model 25 (essentially a Stevens Model 85 or 87) tube fed semi-auto rifle in 22 LR. They were asking $175.00. At most, I figure it would be worth about $75 considering the stock finish was in dismal shape and the metal was okay but showed an over all patina of light surface rust plus normal finish wear. If I go back tomorrow and they still have, I may make an offer of maybe $65 to $75 probably tops and that may be a bit too much but I'd have a new wood refinishing project with that stock and a fairly nice rifle when cleaned up and refinished.

Stevens 87B (same table as the one with the SR 25) with an asking price of $225.00. Better condition than the one from Sears but not by all that much; maybe worth $100 - $125 in my estimation.

A used New England Firearms Pardner 12 gauge with case colored receiver, accepts 3" shells. They were asking $250.00 - wow that is way over and above what I have seen them sell for recently. I have seen ones in similar condition go for around $75.00 to $100.00, some for even less, closer to $60.

Several Norinco SKS rifles, from fair to good condition, and I think every one of them except one that I looked at was priced at $400; the other one had an asking price of $499. I don't remember any having the bayonet. I bought one not too long ago, end of 2018 or so, for $330.00 in much better condition than any of those, with a folding bayonet and all matching numbers. Had any of those today been in better shape, they might be worth what I had paid but not the asking price, at least not in the shape they were in.

Mossberg 702 Plinkster, used and in 85 - 90% condition, they were asking $150.00; I think it may be worth $75 - $100.

I suppose some of the dealers would come down in price but I did hear a couple or few other dealers telling potential buyers for other guns that they could not or would not come down in price - at least that was today on the first day of the show.

I did see a pretty nice Savage Model 99E Carbine in 243. They were asking top dollar for it but I may make an offer tomorrow. After talking to them today, I got the impression they would come down quite a bit in price but time will tell if I get the chance to go back tomorrow and they still have it. I also saw one or two oter potentially good deals that I may make offers on tomorrow. I'll chance going late to the show and hope the dealers still have the guns in which I am interested and will not have sold much else by then and thus still will be hungry for a sale. Then, I'll make my offers if any.

Wish me luck.

All the best,
Glenn B