Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I Keep Forgetting To Ask (and to tell)...

 ...what did you get for Christmas? I got some thermal shirts, some flannel shirts, a 4 slice toaster (to replace the 2 slice one I had), a Mr. Coffee (to replace the old worn out one I had), a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, a pair of Hatch Resister Gloves (because I asked Santa for them) and that's it for my presents (more than enough and probably more than I deserved). The gloves are made from goat skin with a Kevlar liner. I've been wearing them since around 9/11 when my agency issued them to us. They last a long time. I still have my second pair that I wear currently and have had for several years now that show very little appreciable wear. These new ones are going to be for future use; I figured the way prices are going, by the time I would need a new pair to replace the current ones, I would not be able to afford them. So I asked Santa nicely and he obliged, Santa being my son.
What did you all get?
Lest I forget, I bought myself a couple of guns at a auction a couple of weeks ago but they have not yet arrived and a I got myself a Vortex Solar SPARC red dot scope as well. Of course, they really do not count as Christmas gifts per se as they are more indulgences than anything but it is a nice time of year to indulge one's self. Hope your Christmas was a nice one.

All the best,
Glenn B