Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Am About To Be Back In The Workforce... a somewhat productive member of society as I will be starting a new job tomorrow. No heavy lifting, it's going to be an on call security job to fill in for other folks who don't make it to work for whatever reason. 

A few minutes ago, I thought I ought to take a photo of myself right now, as I look before I trim the mustache and beard. They are on the unruly side right now but not too bad. Still, I figure it is important to make a good first impression on my first day at work - thus a trim is in order. Then, after I trim them up a bit, I can take an after photo to mark the difference. (I would say improvement but what's the use in BS'ing anyone.)

So, I sat down and turned on the laptop's camera and clicked away. After taking the photos, I realized that I may not be looking as ready for a new job as I had thought. I may need a major overhaul and not just a trim of the facial hair. Here, take a look for yourselves and bear in mind that the photograph is exactly the way it came out on my laptop's camera - no editing, no retouching, nothing - that is the raw shot.

The hue in the photo, with the color of the walls and ceiling
brings to mind words from an old Jimi Hendrix song - Purple Haze:
"...lately things don't seem the same".

Listen to Hendrix sing it here:

Every photo came out just about the same. I am sitting amid a purple haze in an orangeish t-shirt and have a greenish complexion. My beard and mustache look blurred, the left side of my face appears sunken in and there are black and white dots on my face (blacks dots throughout the photo too). Note too that the ceiling in my basement is actually white, the walls a light to medium yellow, my t-shirt is light gray, there are no dots like that on me and my skin tone definitely is not green.

I don't get it, I have not changed any settings on the camera. This is the first time pictures ever came out like this for me. I am not going to mess with it, hopefully it will sort itself out next time I reboot the computer from a cold start but if not I'll contact HP. Now, if this was back in the mid sixties to mid seventies, I could have made it big with psychedelic photos like that. Right now though, I am wondering if it is some sort of an omen related to the new job. Hopefully, I won't look like that, in anyone's eyes, when I get to work tomorrow and I have even higher hopes that I will not feel the way I look in that photo by the end of the first day on my new job.

All the best,
Glenn B