Sunday, September 6, 2015

Maybe This December - I'll Remember To Buy Their 2016 Calendar

For the past few years, I have seen their videos or calendars but only months after the first of the year. This year is no exception and once again I am many months late and a calendar short. Regardless, take a peek at this video for your viewing pleasure, at least if you are a man who likes women with guns. it's the Hot Shots Calendar 2015 - Behind The Scenes video:

It makes me think their calendar would be worth the annual investment.

All the best,
Glenn B

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 6

Hope you are all enjoying a nice extended weekend. We had a BBQ today at Team Glenn B headquarters (home - where else) with some of the family over. It was an excellent day for it and the food was delicious or at least I thought so (you can't please everybody). The drinks were not too bad either even if my sister-in-law Lorraine and I were about the only ones drinking. I must admit though, the two brothers-in-law did each have a shot of Kirschwasser with me. Excellent spirits it is.

A kilted me, cleaning the grill in the fading light of the early evening.

As usual, as it will be on a daily basis for the month, I was wearing one of my kilts. I don't think either of the brothers-in-law Alex and Hans appreciated it but what can I say other than it's for a good cause. My son-in-law, Phil, had a laugh over it but I have to hand it to him he reads this blog and he knew what was going on with it. He was even nice enough to show my wife the dunk-my-junk video from last night. I would rather she had not seen it, as she also now wishes she had not, but I did promise to dunk the jewels if anyone made a single $100 donation; I got one and was so obliged. If anyone else donates that much, through Team Glenn B this month, and I will do it again.

Team Glenn B is still in third place according to the team standings when I checked a few minutes ago. The amount we have brought in as not changed, it is still at $315. I am hoping that will change or that it is wrong. Remember, if you want to donate through Team Glenn B, you have to choose our team in the drop-down box on the checkout page for payments (the third page in the process). If you did or do donate through Team Glenn B (or donated and didn't remember to select our team but wanted to), send me an email either way so I can make sure Team Glenn B is credited for the right amount of donations and so I can allocate your chances to win a prize or prizes after the end of the fundraiser (each $5 you donate gets you one chance to win a prize).

While donating through a team and the chances to win a prize or prizes for donating are nice - the really important thing is that you can help win the fight against prostate cancer. If you are a man, have your prostate checked by your doctor, especially if middle aged or older. Catching it early helps assure successful treatment and recovery. You can also help by making a donation through Kilted To Kick Cancer whether through a team (Hint: Team Glenn B) or can make one without it going through a team effort. To donate please go to this link:

"Kilted to Kick Cancer is an IRS 501(c)3 Non Profit and your donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations goes directly to cancer research, prevention and fund raising efforts.  No one at KTKC draws a salary." (Source is the bottom of the KTKC donation page, same link as above.)

I wish they included the cost of my kilts, belt and sporran in "fund raising efforts" but I guess that ain't happening as I, like all the other participants, volunteered for this. As I understand, the money that goes toward fundraising pays for things like the KTKC website and that's pretty minimal.

All the best,
Glenn B 

I Think It Was An Alice Cooper Show...

...where I saw her the last time.

All the best,