Saturday, July 22, 2023

Damn Shipping Costs May Be Going Up Again... least if unionized workers at UPS go on strike or such is my guess. The current contract for many UPS employees expires at midnight July 31. UPS says it cannot give them more pay & benefits. The thing is, a strike will also have a potential to harm the U.S. economy. If they strike for only ten days, the estimated hit to the U.S. economy would be 7.1 billion bucks! That according to an article at CNN. More at that source.  
Now I am not one who puts much trust in the reporting at what I consider to be the MSM (mud slinging media) outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and so on. Then again, my favored news outlet, Fox News does not even have a current article on the subject, at least not a very recent one that I could find on their site. So, I also checked One America News and they too had an article, albeit a much briefer one than the one at CNN, but it said much the same thing about the potential economic loss being that bad, 7  billion dollar was their figure. More at OAN. Their source appears to have been Reuters.
Not only would a UPS strike screw the economy but it is going to hurt an awful lot of folks businesses who depend on UPS to move parcels. It is also going to screw over those awaiting packages and larger shipments. Necessities like prescription medicines, food stuffs, baby formula, business supplies and whatever else one absolutely needs could be delayed or even ruined in the summertime heat while stalled & waiting to be delivered. 
If you need something that your supplier ships via UPS, you had better order it pronto and hope it can delivered before a strike deadline if indeed the do strike. Of course, the USPS, FedEx and other shippers will step up to handle some of what UPS fails to move but it is very doubtful, at least to me, that such will be very effective in handling all the shipping that UPS drops and any added load on those other shippers may delay shipments they already would have been delivering in their normal course of business.
A bit of good news in all of this is that UPS evidently believes it still can reach an amenable agreement with the union. As a precaution though, UPS has reportedly begun training non-union employees to take up some of the operations that would be affected by a strike according to the CNN piece. If UPS does give their employees more, guess who is going to be paying for it. Yep, that would be us and us would be their customers on the shipping and thus also on the receiving ends.
So, good luck to you if you need anything shipped. As for myself, I am lucky that two 1911 pistols I ordered are scheduled of delivery on Tuesday July 25, six days before the strike deadline. I shudder to think though that if they do strike and I need to order something that usually is shipped via UPS - it may wind up being shipped by FedEx. At least in my personal experience, FedEx damages packages more often than UPS. Luckily the damage usually only has been to the shipping box. My local FedEx delivery folks also rarely ring my bell or knock on my door when delivering to me but instead just leave the item on my doorstep; luckily I don't recall anything going missing (as in being stolen) when they've done that. On the other hand, UPS delivery personnel almost always knock on my door and or ring the bell, it is a rare delivery when they do not.  
The UPS lady who normally delivers my parcels has even called me on my cell phone on at least one or maybe two occasions when I have not been home. She did that to see if I can get home quick enough to have her wait or otherwise to check if she should just leave it or drop it off at the UPS Customer Center for me to pick up later (she is one heck of an excellent & different delivery person for any shipping company). 
With FedEx, I often either unexpectedly stumble across a package left on my doorstep by FedEx when I am going out or I am often alerted to the fact that they just made a delivery by my super sophisticated high tech & almost failure proof WADAS (woofing alert delivery alarm system). She alerts me not only to FedEx package deliveries but also to those made by the USPS and UPS:
No she is not on strike, she is just doing her favorite thing other than going absolutely ga-ga when her dog sitter/walker shows up once or twice a week. She sure loves snoozing and sure loves her sitter.

All the best,
Glenn B