Friday, March 19, 2010

A Letter To My Representatives In Congress On Health Care Reform

To Senators Gilibrand and Schumer and Representative McCarthy (all of NY):

I urge you to vote NO on Health Care Reform! I am a registered voter. I guarantee that I will never vote for you should you vote yes for health care reform, nor will I donate a single penny to any of your campaigns if you vote yes for health care reform. That is not a threat, that is a fact! I find it despicable that the Congress and President will be exempt from the provisions of this bill, furthermore I find it a disgrace as to how much this will increase the deficit and finally and most importantly I find it absolutely un-American as to how this will socialize medical care in this country and how much closer it will move us to becoming a socialized nation. If you vote yes for this bill you will not be an American ever again in my eyes. There will be no regretting it for you that will result in sympathy from the people for you, there will be no saying you’re sorry that will get you a reprieve - there will be no going back. A yes vote for this bill will show beyond a doubt that you are a socialist and un-American.

Glenn Bartley

I sent those off today via email. doubt they will make any difference at all with my representatives being about as liberal as they come. Yet, when the revolution comes, maybe they will remember how many letters, emails and phone calls they got of this type that urged them to avoid the path to socialism. Did I just mention revolution - yes I did. I am not advocating it but am pretty sure it is coming - hopefully it will be bloodless and without violence - hopefully all through lawful elections in which a new party or even the Republican party takes over by a huge majority. I fear though that it will be worse than that because of how brazenly our current elected officials are trashing our way of life, our economy, our laws, our will and our Constitution and are becoming openly un-American and tyrannical. I believe it is intolerable for the American people and thus that a revolution of some sort is on its way.

All the best,
Glenn B