Friday, October 23, 2009

Wiffle Ball Anyone?

Truth be told, I don't know if it was actually a Wiffle Ball bat that was involved in the incident I am about to post about but it would be excellent if such was the case. You see, I just bought and gave a Wiffle Ball and Bat set to my nephew who just turned 9 years old. I loved them when I was a kid and teen, heck I still love em now, especially because when I bought the one for my nephew I saw that it said "Made in the USA" on the bat. It would be nice to know that this made in the USA item was used to thwart a robbery and assault.

According to this article:

What happened was that a woman who was taking a bath with her toddler son realized something was amiss in her home when a cat, that normally remained outside, came scampering into the bathroom. She went to investigate and found an intruder standing over her other young son. She threatened the bad guy with that which almost never works - a yelled promise to call 911. What did he do in response to the threat of her calling 911? He hit her. What would you expect! I guess though he did not expect what took place next. She then grabbed a toy plastic bat and hit him with it repeatedly. I hope she beat the doody out of him. Whatever, she hit him hard enough and often enough to make him flee the scene. The shame of this is that the next thing you know is that some leftist libturd will be calling for a ban on plastic bats or the crook will sue her for giving him plastic bat welts and hurting his feelings.

Did I tell you that one of the most fun pastimes with a Wiffle Ball bat was for me and my friends to beat one another with them. Sure we played ball with them too, but you know youngsters - heck we were already older teens by then! Well, at least you understand how we acted back then if you are old enough to have been around then. Back then, kids were allowed to do lots of things they cannot do now. We were a better society for it because we had an outlet for our frustrations and we knew how to cope with life and with one another when we got pushed around by the facts of life or by a bully. Nowadays if kids so much as look at other kids cross eyed it seems they get arrested, I imagine that Wiffle Ball sets may just have already been banned in most schools, but that is just my guess. If it was up to me, every kid in America would own one! Of course - all this wimpery being taught to our kids nowadays may have just helped this mom in distress (who obviously had better advice on what to do if ever threatened than to just cower and try to call 911) because the intruder must have been one hell of a wimp to have run from a beating with a plastic bat. Then again, my bet is that mom unleashed a fury the likes of which this guy had never seen and had the bat been plastic, wood or aluminum - it would not have mattered much.

Way to go mom - if you run across my blog - send me an email - I'll send you a replacement Wiffle Ball - Bat and Ball set - heck I'll send two - one for each of your sons. That way you can frame the bat you used to beat that moron who tried to rob you.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Gun Shots 28 - Big Game Hunting Season Must Be Upon Us...

...and I say so not so much because I am a hunter and am familiar with when hunting seasons begin in general but because there is a clue to be found by way of Site Meter. Site Meter is the service I use to find out about how many hits my blog has gotten, my last hundred hits and their locations, how long people spend on my blog, which sites referred them here, the number of visits to my page over the past 12 months (broken down by year, month, week and day), and where among other things I can find out about the ranking by frequency of visits of entry and exit pages used by those viewing my blog. Most of the things I can check are limited to the last 100 visits to my blog because I use the free service offered by Site Meter. They also have a paid subscription whereby you can get a lot more information about your blog, but the free service suits me just fine.

So what is it about Site Meter that gives me a clue that hunting season is upon us? I only need take a look at the rating of entry pages over the last 100 visits to my sight and the clue comes shining through. The number one ranking among entry pages for visits to my sight has gone to my main page, the number two ranking has gone to this:

Now the Marlin 336, although it could be, is not usually used for: home defense, as an offensive weapon, as a plinker, as a target rifle or as a small game getter. So what use does it have? It is primarily a Big Game gun and its most frequent target is probably deer of one sort or another. It is also fair to excellent when used to hunt Black Bear. It is most frequently used as a hunting gun for hunting big game animals.

Not only has that particular post of mine gotten the second most hits out of the last hundred visits to my blog but I have also received a few emails now requesting instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble the 336. The folks who contacted me were not satisfied with the instructions that come with the 336 from Marlin and I do not blame them. Those instructions don't go far enough to tell you how to disassemble and reassemble the rifle for a really good detailed cleaning. Lucky for me, back in February 2007 or thereabout, I found detailed instructions with a schematic for how to strip down the Marlin 336 for a good cleaning and then how to put it back together again. I have it saved on my hard drive. I can not vouch for the correctness of those instructions regarding take down of the trigger group but I took down most of the remainder of my Marlin 336 using those instructions and then successfully put it back together again. That one sentence - "Reassemble in reverse order." was a good little thing to know since not all firearms go back together in the reverse order of how you took them apart. Allow me to say: Thank you Marlin for making that easy.

Since a good number of folks have visited that post on my site over the past couple of weeks, and since it still remains very popular, allow me to post a link to it here. Also allow me to post a link to the instructions for disassembly and reassembly of the Marlin 336 here because I figure having them up front may be helpful to those seeking the instructions:

Once you see the diagram, click on it to get a larger view. Now also allow me to thank reader Russ S. for finding that link for me. I did not have that posted in my original post of the Marlin 336 Disassembly & Reassembly until just recently - after he pointed me to it. What I did have was a copy of those same instructions, and I was emailing them to anyone who wanted them. Now that I have the link on my page it is easier for others to find them and it is easier on me.

Again, as I said above, I cannot vouch for the correctness of those instructions, I do not know where they originated (I am almost certain I did not initially get them on the website where they now appear). So if you use them, or if you pass them on, you do so at your own risk and you hold me harmless and you also indemnify me for their use by you or their subsequent use by anyone else to whom you passed them onto and to whomever else they are passed onto to after that ad infinitum. Again though, I will say, they worked for me.

Happy hunting,
Glenn B