Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Britain Has Fallen...

...and has lost its sovereignty, see this article and note how the British government effected this "quietly". Too bad for the British people that their leaders had no backbone when it came to standing up for what was justly British; but they are now not only subject to the laws of England, but are also subject to the laws of a religion - those of Islam under Sharia Law. The Islamists have won, they have effectually defeated a nation, and a people, that they have despised for centuries and one which they have sought to conquer in reprisal for Britain having once conquered many of the nations that were under the rule of Islam.

By the way, if any of you think this is religious freedom and is wonderful, then just tell me honestly: How do you think Muslims would react if suddenly Catholic Dogma was passed as controlling civil law in a place like Detroit, but Sharia law was not. This is or should be an outrage to any British citizen, and is an absolute surrender of British sovereignty to the Islamists. Prepare for it here in the USA because they are working at it for sure.

If you think it cannot happen here in the USA you are far from wrong, the enemy is within the gates of Freedom's Walls. The 1st Amendment will not protect you from Sharia law, only the 2nd Amendment will do that. Remain vigilant, be prepared to fight and die for your freedoms under our Constitution, otherwise you are sure to lose them as are the people of many nations throughout Europe. I see it this way: Let religion remain religion, and not become the state, and be prepared to fight for that principle otherwise be prepared to worship another man's god.

All the best,
Glenn B