Friday, May 17, 2013

So My Son Asked Me...

..."How much ammo do we have for our AKs". That was last night when he was getting ready to go on a trip to upstate NY with his girlfriend today. I just said we have some and asked if he wanted any for the trip. He said "nah" and took 100 rounds of 22WMR and maybe 30 rounds of 12 gauge shells, some buckshot and some birdshot. He could have taken some 7.62x39mm too, along with his AK, but I guess he figures we should conserve for if things get really bad and ammo becomes impossible to find.

As it turned out, just after he asked me that, I saw that had both 7.62x39mm ammo (at the least expensive price I have seen in a long while but still not a great price at .27 cents per round) and Sellier & Bellot 12 gauge 00 buckshot (at a very good price of $5.50 per 10 rounds) in stock.

Nah, I didn't order any. What can I say, I am either broke or lying or both. You figure it.

All the best,

Not All In Law Enforcement Are Against The RKBA

I tip my hat to the Sheriff's Departments who are supporting the right of the People to keep and bear arms and who have filed suit against the state of Colorado and its gun-control laws.


Al the best,
Glenn B

Remember Under Bush - There Were 30 Million Illegal Aliens Here..., all of a sudden, there are only 11 million. That can only mean that Obama must have gotten rid of about 19 million of them over the past 4 1/2 years. Since that must be the case, I just do not understand why he cannot get rid of the other 11 million the same way he got rid of the first 19 million of them. What are they, tough guys or something? Or, are they just the ones Obama has chosen to keep around!

All the best,
Glenn B