Friday, December 18, 2020

Well This Sucks

As I see it, I have more reason than ever to wear a mask now, to cut down on the possibility of me spreading it to some other poor slob. Wish I had reliably always worn mine when in stores and such, the little gray cells being old and somewhat decrepit forgot too may times to remind me to don one (and please have the decency not to start an argument about whether or not you think masks work because at this point I am in no mood to get a face full of controversy from anyone).

Anyway, I am hopeful it will not amount to much and while my luck does not run toward being very good, I am not all that worried right now as it is mild at moment. The nurse practitioner I saw tonight told me that can change in a flash to a life threatening situation or it can just stay as is and amount to almost nothing. Time will tell I suppose. I am guessing the next 10 days or so will be rather anxiety filled.

All the best,
Glenn B