Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Was Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

...but didn't get one. Yet, Christmas was a really nice day for me. Spent it my wife and kids at my sister's place with my side of the family there.

I was not dreaming of a white day after Christmas but they are suddenly saying that they (the weather people they) expect 11 to 18 inches of snow by tomorrow night or early Monday. Snow is supposed to start falling tomorrow morning and go til Monday morning. We were expecting my wife's side of the family to come to our place tomorrow but I don't think my brother-in-law will want to drive in that stuff and I could not blame him. Then again, who knows. If hey do come over we may have overnight guests if they get snowed in for the night. That would be okay by me, we have plenty of fine spirits to keep things warm and cozy and have enough food planned for just tomorrow's meal to last at least a few days. If they come over it could get interesting if it snows enough.

I am not looking forward to shoveling. You may remember last winter I was in Phoenix for my job and my area got hit by record snowfalls. My wife and kids wound up shoveling and my wife seemed to have hated it so much she seemed to have also gained some respect for all the shoveling I have done over the other 14 or so winters we lived here before that one. I was sure I would be getting something shiny and red for my birthday or Christmas from her this year - something like a snow blower. She gave me something red and sort of shiny - two bags of mini Mounds bars. Go figure! Oh my aching back, I may just take some aspirin as soon as I wake up tomorrow in anticipation of some back-wracking work. Heck, I am out of practice since I missed it last year; oh well, I'll give it my best shot!

All the best,

Season's Greetings...

and since the season is Christmas, let me just wish you all a very:

Merry Christmas