Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Young Sensible & Responsible Hunter & A Safe Shooter...

...would certainly be a fitting way to describe my son while on his hunting trip out in the woods today. He handled his rifle with the utmost care and that means safely at all times. That included when he saw a deer that I had rattled to within shooting distance. I did not see the deer, even tough it apparently passed in front of me first. When Brendan saw it, it seemed it may have spooked slightly and was trotting past him into the underbrush. He said he could have taken a shot but did not want to chance a shot at it because it was moving away at a trot. He has been deer hunting about 3 times now, not gotten one yet, was very anxious to get one today, saw one yesterday (the day before rifle season opened) so was even more anxious, but yet had the restraint to hold off on taking a risky shot that may have resulted in an only wounded and lost deer - or worse - in a stray shot. As he told me, one shot - one kill. I have got to hand it to him and have to say I think he deserves an 8 or 10 pointer for his first deer.

I also have to hand it to him for not slipping and falling on his arse like I did today. I turned, looked at him once the pain subsided a bit, and said he must have gotten a bit of a laugh seeing me go down like that. He would not answer me but did have a bit of a telling smile on his face at that moment.

Tomorrow is another day, well about 5 hours of another hunting day for Brendan. He has to leave early. If he gets one, I will leave at the same time. If he strikes out, then I will stay to try to bag one myself. I get to stay until as late as Wednesday if I want.

All the best,
Glenn B