Thursday, March 13, 2014

Missing Malaysian Airliner - A Theory You Have Not Heard On The News

Although I was a federal agent for just over 32 years and have had some experience investigating terrorists and additional experience flying as an air marshal, I certainly am not an expert on missing airliners. Yet, I have a theory of my own as to maybe why they have not found the missing Malaysian Airlines jet. My theory may be so much balderdash but then again I would bet my bottom dollar that authorities, at least intelligence agencies, are considering the outside possibility of it as I type; if they are not, then they are bigger fools than I thought.

I am thinking it possible that the jet was hijacked by terrorists. Note, I said hijacked - I did not say blown up, crashed into the sea, or otherwise destroyed. Now here is my what if. What if it was hijacked by terrorists and the terrorists who hijacked it had a plan to steal it so that they could use it as a weapon in the future. In other words, they hijack the aircraft, they then fly it to a secret location where they store it. While in storage they repaint it to appear to be from a different airline. Then, at their convenience, they have it take the route of a regularly scheduled passenger airliner and crash it into a building or heavily populated area. They could easily plant a bomb on the scheduled flight and destroy it without anyone suspecting foul play because the stolen jet would appear to be the scheduled flight and would be headed for the destination of the scheduled flight.

Crazy right? Maybe crazy but then again perhaps not so crazy. I sure hope it is crazy though because I am hoping that the terrorists are not in the process of doing just that and catching us unaware once again. While the authorities are searching sea and land for a wreck, maybe they should be searching for a clandestine airstrip that could accommodate that sized jet liner.

As for the passengers and crew on the aircraft, any way I look at it, I fear the worst has befallen them. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best,
Glenn B

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Arsehat of the Week

Watch the video, listen to her words. Then, you should be able to immediately figure out why I have given her the status of Arsehat of the Week. (That may have to become a regular weekly award on my blog.)


In fact, she may be the arsehat of the last 400 years or so. (That was a hint in case you missed why she won the Arsehat of the Week award although you could get partial credit for picking out something else she flubbed.) She is most assuredly one of the laughingstocks of Congress. Amazingly, she somehow keeps getting reelected even though it seems obvious to me that she has the mental capacity of an ignoramus. I suppose that says as much about her voters, and about leftists in general, as it does about her.

All the best,
Glenn B