Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tapco Retaining Plate - Maybe The Idiot AK-47 Owner's Solution To The Retaining Spring? (Yes I would be the idiot.)

While fiddling with my AK-47 and trying to get the retainer spring back into its proper position to reassemble the rifle, I took a break to check the Tapco website to see if they had instructions there to reinstall the spring. They did not, at least for the style of spring in my AK.

What I did find that seems promising is that they manufacture a plate to take the place of the spring. Even a sometimes idiot like myself (my wife would debate that saying I am an always idiot) would find it difficult to screw up installation of the retaining plate, which is supposedly a one size fits all AK models kind of a thing. At a MSRP of only $5.99, I figured why not and I did a web search for a dealer that had them in stock. I found it at Brownells, I think for $4.70, or there about, plus shipping of $5.95. Yes, the shipping was more expensive than the item!. I ordered it for a grand total of $ 10.95. If it saves me from even 10 minutes worth of the hassle I had with that spring, it will have been more than worth it.

Check out the list of dealers, and their pricing, that Tapco shows on their site. Remember the MSRP is $5.99. Most dealers, on the list that Tapco shows, have it shown close to that price, in fact all are under Tapco's MSRP except two of them and one that is over the MSRP is charging only about a dollar more. The other dealer that has a higher price than that suggested by Tapco is way over the top.  Their price was shown as $17.95! Going to their website shows is actually on sale at only $16.56 plus $10.95 shipping for a total of $27.51. That is a $16.56 difference from what I just paid at Brownell's. That is two visits to my local indoor range plus some targets for each visit and .56 cents left over for the change jar at home (gun show fund). We really need to shop around just a little nowadays, there are just too many people looking to screw the rest of us.

All the best,
Glenn B

Even The Leftist MSM Is Questioning The Decision To Charge Zimmerman

It was pretty amazing for me to just read an article on a CBS online news site that actually questions why George Zimmerman was charged with murder relative to his having shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I was amazed because CBS has routinely been one of the far left leaning branches of the MSM. Are they finally seeing the light after that terrible news report that edited the 911 tape to make it seem as if Mr. Zimmerman had profiled Mr. martin because Mr. martin was a black and that also edited it to make it sound as if Mr. Zimmerman did not listen to the suggestion of the police to break off from following Mr. Martin

By the way, I have to ask, since when is following a suspicious person, and calling 911 about it, considered to be some sort of aggression and not considered being a good citizen. Fact of the matter was that Mr. Zimmerman apparently did break off following Mr. Martin when the 911 operator suggested he discontinue doing so. Fact of the matter also is that Mr. Zimmerman did not racially profile Mr. Martin while speaking to the 911 operator. This case is just so much politically motivated bullshit it makes me want to puke right on the DA's lap and I base that feeling on having met a few other prosecutors in my day whom I believed to have been overzealous in their pursuit of justice.

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Glenn B

The 2012 Presidential Election - Is The Fix In Already

The arrogance of president Obama is beyond compare. We keep hearing him blatantly stating, as if he knows with absolute certainty, things like: 'when I am reelected', 'in my second term' and so on. Well, maybe it is already a given fact that he will win . How? By a new means never before seen in our country throughout her history. Reportedly the counting of our votes no longer will be handled on the precinct level, the responsibility to count the vote has been assigned to a private company, one based in Spain (that bastion of an honest democratic process). All this from an eye opening report from Michael Savage. You may not like Savage, he may be a bit too much for you but I have to say he usually gets his facts correct. Listen to the audio:

If this is true, we need to protest the vote before even one ballot is cast.

All the best,
Glenn B

AK Reassembly - It Took A Lot Of Wriggling Just Proving I Are Not A Gunschmidt

I did a little gun cleaning last night, cleaned up the Romanian AK-47 WASR. I took it just about all the way down, the only thing I did not disassemble was the bolt itself. I usually do not have a hard time disassembling and reassembling guns. That is because I read up on how to do it, or get video or in-hand instructions, from someone, before I make an attempt. I found a fairly good set of videos on YouTube for how to get both the taking apart and putting back together again accomplished. Just my luck though, there just had to be something different. In putting his gun back together, the guy who made the video puts in an aftermarket Tapco L Shaped retainer spring for his Tapco G2 trigger set. My AK also has the Tapco G2 trigger set but it uses a different spring and I just could not figure how to get it back in there the right way.

It must have taken me a good 2 hours before I got it figured out. There are three possible anchor points for the retainer spring of which you must use at least two with any spring for an AK. These points are the hammer pin, the trigger group pin and the pin on the end of the safety. No matter how I tried, there was either too much tension needed to set the spring or there was none after it was set. Getting it right is important. The retainer spring assures that the hammer and trigger group pins will not come loose and fall out of the AK. After about a half hour of not being able to figure it out, I decided to check the Tapco website to look for the particular type of spring in my AK, to see if they had any instructions on how to set it. Sure enough, they had instructions for both their AK-47 L shaped retention spring and for their AK Wire Retaining Spring but they did not have instructions for the spring that was in my AK. Mine is more similar to the L Shaped pin but definitely not the same. Regardless, it did not fit like either of the two other springs. That all being useless, I continued trying it this way, that way and the other.

They say 'hope springs eternal'. I can tell you: whoever thought that up must have been trying to fit a spring into a gun without knowing how to do it! Not only are there several ways this particular spring might possibly fit, only one of which was correct, but you have to continually reassemble the hammer and trigger group into the receiver to see if you got it right, then take them out again if wrong. That was not only a pain in the neck, it was also a pain in the hand, the left one to be exact. A few times, while fiddling with the hammer, the hammer spring (see the 5th pic), the ends of which are wrapped around the hammer to keep them out of the way while working, sprung! In other words, one of its ends came off of the hammer, flew around due to a good amount of tension in them caused by having wrapped them around the hammer, and then embedded itself into one of my fingers or under a fingernail (depending on which time it was sprung). This happened three times and another two or three times it just whacked me. What a pain in the arse hand.

After having been frustrated several times, then getting hot under the collar, I decided to give it just one more try and go to bed after that. Hell, was about 0030 hours and I had started cleaning the darned thing when the sun was still up. By the way, a side note, I used gun scrubber to try to remove all the carbon fouling from the gas piston. Didn't work. Neither did Gunzilla gun cleaning solvent that I also used once all the Gunscrubber had dried. Neither did Hoppes #9. (Gunzilla seemed to work best at cleaning the rest of the gun.) Neither did a brass brush. Oh, one other thing about the piston. After I sent the AK to Century Arms for repair, they returned it to me saying they had changed the gas piston among other things - like the trigger group. I distinctly remember asking my son, when I bought the rifle, if he thought the piston face looking to be rough in one area, maybe 15% on its face, would be a problem. It almost looked like chromed over pitting. Well, funny how they supposedly changed the gas piston and it still has identical roughness on the face of it.

Back to the retaining spring. I don't know what it was made me do it  but I tried one of the positions for it again. This was about the second or third attempt in said position and this time it worked. I think it worked anyway. The spring is snugly in the grooves of both the hammer pin and the trigger group pin. I guess i should take it to the range today to shoot it to check to see if it falls out or stays in place while firing. This would also mean the AK will need another cleaning and that would be a good thing because I will get to reassemble it after cleaning and replace the spring with the proper position for it still fresh in my mind.That way, by repeating the process I will be able to have it set in memory a little better than after having done it only once; of course, that being if it is in the proper position to begin with. I hope it is.

Disassembly was easy. Reassembly was not so easy but should have been easier except, as I said, I am no gunschmidt! Hopefully it will be easier next time. Everything except for that one spring was a snap and simply because I did not know how to do it beforehand both because the guy who made the video used a spring different from mine and because I could not remember for the life of me how it was set before I took it out - shame on me for that brain fart. Of course, maybe I should have looked for a better set of video instructions than those I found on YouTube. One clue, that I missed, that this was not the best set of videos on the subject should have been clear to me when the guy making it said:

" Like I said, this is a eight handed operation. Push down and just sort of wriggle everything, until you find ah, you'll find ah where it all goes". 

Oh well, even if he did not explain the reassembly very well, I cannot fault him for being incorrect in that statement. He was right 100% - at least in my case - I have to admit that.

All the best,
Glenn B