Saturday, April 14, 2012

Even The Leftist MSM Is Questioning The Decision To Charge Zimmerman

It was pretty amazing for me to just read an article on a CBS online news site that actually questions why George Zimmerman was charged with murder relative to his having shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I was amazed because CBS has routinely been one of the far left leaning branches of the MSM. Are they finally seeing the light after that terrible news report that edited the 911 tape to make it seem as if Mr. Zimmerman had profiled Mr. martin because Mr. martin was a black and that also edited it to make it sound as if Mr. Zimmerman did not listen to the suggestion of the police to break off from following Mr. Martin

By the way, I have to ask, since when is following a suspicious person, and calling 911 about it, considered to be some sort of aggression and not considered being a good citizen. Fact of the matter was that Mr. Zimmerman apparently did break off following Mr. Martin when the 911 operator suggested he discontinue doing so. Fact of the matter also is that Mr. Zimmerman did not racially profile Mr. Martin while speaking to the 911 operator. This case is just so much politically motivated bullshit it makes me want to puke right on the DA's lap and I base that feeling on having met a few other prosecutors in my day whom I believed to have been overzealous in their pursuit of justice.

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Glenn B


Anonymous said...

Now that Zimmerman is out on bail, he's gone back into hiding again. I wonder why? I guess he doesn't like being followed. It's too bad he didn't bother to walk up and introduce himself to the stranger he saw in his neighborhood. He could have quickly learned who this "suspicious-looking" guy was. More importantly, both of their lives would probably be much unchanged today!

Glenn B said...

He has gone into hiding because he fears for his life or hadn't you heard of the many death threats made against him and his family. In addition there are the Black Pussies, who put out a wanted dead or alive reward for him apparently fanning the flames of racial hatred and hoping someone would illegally capture or kill Mr. Zimmerman - in my opinion. The whole racial thing should be enough to scare him in to hiding and remember that was initiated by a reporter who edited the 911 tape to make it sound as if Mr. Zimmerman had racially profiled Mr. Martin while calling 911. The truth is, he never racially profiled anyone during that phone call but yet the media has stirred the flames of racial hatred in this case apparently to get better news worthy reporting (news worthy my ass), all they [probably really wanted was sensationalism. Thus the whole race got thing started by a reporter or other media employee, resulting in Mr. Zimmerman becoming the target of racists groups like the Black Pussies and of race baiters like Al Sharpton. I would think he has plenty to fear from those who would react emotionally to this incident, instead of objectively, and thus go after him in an emotional rage.

By the way, why not leave a name and a contact with your comments instead of posting comments anonymously. Are you in hiding for some reason?

All the best,
Glenn B