Thursday, July 17, 2008

As I Was Rummaging Through The Ammo Locker...

...I came up with 500 rounds of 7.62x25 Tokarev that I pretty much forgot was there. I had more of it awhile back, but gave some of it to a friend of mine who owns a Tokarev pistol. Now that I have a new pistol and a new rifle in mind though there is not going to be any giving away of ammo in the near future. This stuff is all price marked at $13.95 per box, that is an old price. The exact same ammo on CheaperThanDirt was going for $19.95 when I checked last night. So I think I will be selling this ammo in the near future. I have already made an offer of it to my friend with the Tokarev. If he wants it he can get it at a pretty good price. If not, well then I'll be putting it up on or another auction site. I see that now has their own auction site, and it is free, as in no charge to list items and no final value fee. Please do not make offers, I'll only sell this over the Internet if I do it on a regular gun selling site like I will keep you posted about whether or not I put it up for auction. It would be a nice way to add some money to the new gun fund. Now to rummage around the rest of the house and garage looking to see what else I can sell.

All the best,
Glenn B