Friday, August 6, 2021

Roaches Are Easy To Kill But It's Hard To Erradicate All of Them...

 ...since they hide in the cracks and breed like - well like roaches when hiding. Of course, they do come out once the lights are turned off. Just like roaches, those in the Taliban are easy to kill but as a group they are hard to extirpate. They too hide in the cracks, so to speak, then again almost literally inside cracks in the mountainsides. Roaches destroy good things by eating our food and defecating on our food products and elsewhere in our homes; they also spread diseases. The Taliban breed like roaches and spread their diseased creed like roaches spread their droppings - over everything they encounter. 
Once the lights went out, so to speak, in Afghanistan when U.S. troops were removed from that country, the scum of the earth, the Taliban crawled out of the cracks and began what is almost certain to become another reign of terror. If it was just in that country alone, I might say screw it - why be concerned - but how could I or you wish that evil on anyone without being almost as bad as are they! Even if you think that way and say screw the collateral damage, it probably is too late for that now that they are taking control again.
Now that the lights are out, they assuredly will not confine their terror to within the borders of a single nation. They will be coming our way once again, when we are sleeping once again, and you can bet their attack (with or without help from other groups like Al-Qaeda) will again be devastating once again. The mistake was not to destroy as many of them as was possible when we had the chance - when we were on the ground in what is fast again becoming their country. I do not blame this on Biden even though he is the one who brought it to the final point of allowing them to regroup and expand. Trump would have done the same as most probably would have done any other president in short order in the current mess we call the world. I blame it on a general distaste for doing what needed to be done to get the task accomplished and that I think would have been to annihilate as many of them as possible with extreme prejudice. I feel no mercy for said group and judging them by what they have done before and now have done already, since U.S. troops left the country, just goes to show what terrorizing savages are they and that they deserve the fate I think they deserve; anyway that is my opinion. More on what they have been doing at this source and that source.

All the best,
Glenn B