Friday, June 27, 2014

Shame On You For Jumping To The Wrong Conclusion

The people who misunderstood me on this - FFUUAACC- and then took punitive action against me for using that on their site know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves. Thinking it meant anything otherwise than something righteous and decent was rather prejudicial of you. It stood for: Freedom Fighters Unanimously Urge Action Against Cuomo's Corruption and yes that was a play on your sites brainchild - FUAC, but it was a play of that term that was in better taste than the original.

If you look down below you will see it in my earlier blog post about AIM Surplus, posted quite the while before you saw it elsewhere and got your panties in a wad. And yes I said it doubly, where you saw it, because I believe in it strongly.

I Arrested Plenty Of Aliens... my 32 plus years in federal law enforcement, most from Mexico but also many others from many places around the world like: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Canada, Germany, England, Greece, Thailand, China, Vietnam and from other exotic places. None of the places they were from were quite as exotic as the place that Calquan Dion Burr reportedly said he was from. When he was arrested by Sheriff’s from Muskegon County, Michigan for assault and destruction of police property (after he allegedly threw himself on top of a police car) he told the police he was from a far away place and that place may be a bit more exotic than the typical address for a guy arrested by earthly police. Zoltron, the place he reportedly claimed to be from, is supposedly another planet. I have arrested some far out dudes but never one from as far out as this guy claims to be. More here. If they have landed, all I can say is that I am happy to be retired.

That is all,

Aim Surplus Ammo Alert

Aim Surplus is currently offering Prvi Partizan 45ACP, 230 grain, FMJ, ammo, for $15.95 per box. For my fellow New Yorkers, they will ship to either an FFL or registered ammo dealer in NY State. A free service of FFUUAACC (Freedom Fighters Unanimously Urge Action Against Cuomo's Corruption).

All the best,
Glenn B

Rediscovered Ammo

Back in May 2011, I found a few things in my basement that I had forgotten I had stashed away. One was an ammo/knife collectors pack from Remington (sold that since then), another was a bottle Knappogue Castle single malt Irish whiskey (drank that since then), another was a neat machete (cleaned it and stashed away again since then) and another was a Remington collectors tin containing 400 rounds of Remington 22LR ammo and a deck of Remington playing cards (stashed that away and forgot all about it). Well, today I rediscovered that collectors tin with the ammo. I'll have to add that to my ammo inventory which puts me at about 8K of 22LR. Being that I have often shot as much as 500 rounds of that caliber in a day, and probably as much as 1K rounds in a day at least a few times, it is not all that much to have on hand. Wish I had more but it is about as rare as turtles' teeth at a decent price lately. Being it is hard to come by for a reasonable price, I am more than happy to have rediscovered those 400 rounds. I wonder if there is any more of it hiding around  here.

All the best,