Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Have No Idea If All These Claims About Bernie Are True...

...but if these are verifiable facts, I am absolutely certain that he will win the Democratic primaries and become their candidate.

It may also be enough to bring out every leftist to vote at least three or more times each and give him the presidency. The left lives to adore those types of shortcomings.

Hat tip to John D who shared this on his B page.

All the best,
Glenn B

Why Trump Is Doing So Well - In A Nutshell

Trump is doing well because people are disenchanted with leftists like Obama and Clinton and because they are angry with RINOs who claim to be conservatives but are more on the left than on the right. It's also why Cruz is doing as well as he is doing, he just does not have the lack of inhibition to come out and blast the other Republicans as does Trump.

Those RINOs of which I speak are almost every Republican now in office or currently trying to gain office; I believe they have abandoned the true Republican platform and kowtow to the leftists. They are hypocrites who promise us one thing, then do a completely different thing once in office. They keep up a deplorable cycle of doing so, throughout their terms as elected representatives of the People, all without ever representing anything but their own agendas. More here:


As far as I am concerned we would be better off without RINOS in, or running, for office. I am beginning to believe our best chance, to recover America Lost, is a Trump/Cruz ticket in the upcoming election.

My thanks and a hat tip to Peter Q for the link.

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Glenn B

Why Do I Bother Supporting The Rights Of Leftist Shitheads...

...who continuously call for violence to be strewn upon me and others because we are of another political ilk than them. I guess maybe it is because I am a man of at least some principles as opposed to being a flaming power hungry nasty arsehat who obviously has mommy or daddy or other authority issues against which they must rebel. More here.

All I can ay abut the so called comedian in question is that I pity anyone with whom she comes in contact, especially her children, if she has any to brainwash with her hate filled rhetoric.

The hypocrisy and vehemence of the leftists Democrats amazes me no end, especially with regard to how much their ambitions, in general, are similar to those of terrorists.

All the best,
Glenn B