Monday, August 15, 2016

A Stunning Development In Georgia

The governor of Georgia, who vetoed a bill allowing firearms carry on college campuses, has signed legislation allowing stun guns on college campuses.

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This May Well Be Ever So Correct

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Truthful 2016 Political Sign

I cannot add to that.

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A Man Can Dream...

...can't he.

This certainly is one of mine and one of my son's I think!

Hat tip to John D.

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My Gun Collection Sure Has Grown Since 2009 (2009 = Obama's First Year As President)

Back in November 2009, I took a few pics of my guns for insurance purposes. They were not worth all that much relative to a collector type firearms or to larger collection of working/shooting guns but they were worth taking the pics to me. I just took a look at those pics and was reminded not only of how many fewer rifles, pistols and shotguns I had back then but something else also came to mind. While I don't normally think in pictures, this memory popped up in my head as a perfect picture of Obama looking like his arrogant smug self with words underneath saying something to the effect: President Obama Best Gun Salesman Ever. That may well be true because my gun collection certainly has grown since that year, which by the way was the first year of his presidency.

My pistols and revolver in November 2009. Because of new laws in NYS since
then I have had to remove several of those 15 round magazines from NY state.

The AK in the photo was not mine but a relatives. As with
my pistol mags, the 30 round rifle mags are now gone from
my stock after illegally being made illegal here in NY state.
My rimfire rifles back in Obama's first year as
president of these now tyrannized United States.
Take a look at the pics and count them yourself or take my word for it, I had 7 semi-automatic pistols, 1 revolver, 1 shotgun, and 12 rifles (the AK pictured was not mine) in 2009 and is no longer in my possession. Since then I have sold a few but also added several more to bring the count well above the one from back then. Sure, I may have bought a gun now and then but to get where I am at now you have to consider that I was driven to do so by the anti-gun hysteria in his country and especially in my home state of New York.

Where I am now is at a number considerably higher that a total of 21 guns. I now own 2 revolvers, 11 pistols, 5 shotguns and at least 20 rifles for a total of 38 firearms. (I may not be remembering one or two rifles but have 20 for sure, will have to count them again soon.) In addition (and then subtraction) I also bought another 3 shotguns in that period but sold them recently. Finally I also sold one rifle I owned in 2009 and another that I had purchased since 2009. Anyway, as I said, the total I own right now is 38 (+?). That is about an 81% increase in the number of firearms I own. I owe my incentive to buy many of them to President Obama's and Governor Cuomo's tyrannical rule in this country and state respectively.

I'll be selling a few of them soon, probably at least three pistols, one or two rifles and two shotguns. In fact, I have one shotgun for sale on right now. It's not like I am depleting my arms holdings, it's just that I will need money to buy some others more to my needs and liking. Since I am not rich (need to check my last Powerball and Lotto tickets to even be sure of that - just checked still not rich), I need to sell some guns now and again to be able to buy new ones. 

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Glenn B