Monday, July 22, 2013

Winchester Model 37 Shotgun Disassembly Attempt

I planned on disassembling my Winchester Model 37, single barrel shotgun, tonight but was stopped short because I did not have a long enough screwdriver to remove the stock and its inner workings. Oh well, time to buy a longer screwdriver.
I did take it down enough to take of the forend and remove the barrel for cleaning. When doing so, I found out that it is missing the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger Pin. No big deal, all that meant is that I had to use a substitute to be able to compress the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger in order to remove the remove the Forend Shoe so that I could take the barrel off. I used a tiny Allen wrench through the pin opening. Worked okay but I ruined the Allen wrench. If you would like to see a video of disassembly, there is at least this one on YouTube:

The pin only facilitates disassembly and does not hold anything in place so, I did not need to replace it but I decided to anyway. Thanks to Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, I was able to find a replacement for it. The good news was that it only cost $2.35. The slightly annoying news was that shipping for it went for $4.95 and tax was another .63 cents bringing the total to $7.93 for a $2.35 part! Oh well, I imagine such is life.

I cleaned up the shotgun as well as I could without doing a total detail strip and I think that will be more than good enough for now. I am probably going to bring it to the Sixth Annual Bloggershoot on August 3rd and have some fun wit it there.

All the best,
Glenn B

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