Monday, July 22, 2013

PMC Bronze 9mm, 115 grain, FMJ Ammo At Cabela's @ $14.99 Per Box

PMC Bronze, 9mm 115 gr. FMJ Ammo for $14.99 at Cabela's. Certainly not a historically good price but better than there has been as of late for brass cased 9mm.

UPDATE ADDED On 07/22/13 at 1645: While this ammo was selling at Cabela's, last night into early this morning, for $14.99 per box, it is now being sold by Cabela's for $21.99 per box. Go figure, that is a 47% increase within less than one day. I picked up 500 rounds  at the lower price because I knew it was the best deal on brass cased 9mm ammo I had seen a in awhile. I hope you did likewise if you needed any 9mm. Even though lots of ammunition is now available, the prices are staying way too high.

NY Safe but still shooting,
Glenn B

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