Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maybe Disrespectful to Campbell's Soups - But Oh How True

I don't know who created that one, I found it in a web search accidentally while looking for something else. I have to admit, even while I was brought up eating the stuff and loving it (the soup not Obama's bullshit), that is one great piece of political satire and says it all about Obama and his shtick even if possibly while being less than respectful of Campbell's Soup's image of being good for you.  I suppose since it is political satire it can be posted and the artist not get sued. As for me posting it, I mean no disrespect to Campbell's Soups - good stuff as far as I am concerned but you have to admit that Obama doles out the crapola in about as high a quantity as Campbell's did their cream of whatever soups.

I have nothing to add to the soup or the text in the pic as it says it all, at least about Obama!

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