Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yet More Gun Cleaning...

...with another 5 guns cleaned and out of the way. I cleaned up the old rust rod, my Steven's Model 66-B 22 rimfire rifle. Yes, it is in only fair looking shape on the outside, had a good amount of surface rust (at least not pitted like my Winchester Model 37 shotgun) and still has a fair amount of rust but its bore is still shiny with strong lands and grooves and it is a tack driver.

Three of my favorite pistols, all have fired more rounds than I can remember.
The Beretta 92SB, topmost, is the gun that gave me the Ballseye moniker.
I was going to clean more rifles after that but for some reason, that I have not figured out, I grabbed a few pistols instead. I cleaned my second Beretta 92FS, the Beretta 92SB (the gun responsible for my Ballseye moniker) and the Beretta 70S. I gave them all good cleaning although most were clean already. Regular maintenance is a good way to prevent rust. After cleaning them, I debated on cleaning my Ortgies pocket pistol, High Standard Duramatic and Ruger MKII but decided against them and just finished up with my Glock 26. It too was pretty clean but since it is my primary carry pistol, it gets regular cleanings after firing and about once every month if it needs it or not.

I have those other three pistols and several rifles still to go but right now I have to get outside to fire up the grill and throw some Hebrew National dogs on it. A nice icy cold beer or three does not sound bad either. Now that I am done handling the firearms the alcohol is okay to go. Remember - don't handle firearms when you have imbibed alcohol or have taken any mind altering drugs. It is a sure shot way to shoot yourself, someone else whom, or something else that, you did not intend to shoot. Alcohol and mind altering drugs do not mix with gunpowder!

All the best,
Glenn B

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