Friday, July 19, 2013

An Ammunition Buying Hypothetical - Or Is It? I'm Not Telling.

So, if I told you that I bought all the ammunition pictured since November 2012 and most of it since January 2013, would you think I have a problem. I am sure some arsewipe of a politician would have one. The only problem I could see with buying it would be how much it would cost me to get it. Ammo prices are way too high but in my defense I would have to point out I only would have bought it when the prices had fallen to within reason considering the current unreasonable ammo buying frenzy and ammunition shortages. I am not a rich man money-wise and can't afford to spend, let's say, the recent price gouging amount of $1,000 for a thousand rounds of 5.56x45mm that some retailers were offering. Granted, had I bought it all and this not been a hypothetical, the price I would have paid would have amounted to about $425 to $450 a thousand rounds for the ammo shown in that particular caliber (there would be 700 rounds of it in that picture, in cartons under the blue Colt ammo boxes to your right if it was all real). That would be a much better price than what had been offered not too long before now. While that would be better than previously priced in the not too distant past, it would still be too expensive. Same goes for all of it, it would all have been too expensive as compared to what it had been going for a couple or few years ago - heck even just prior to last fall. 

Why would I (or anyone) buy ammo that I (or anyone) thought was being sold at too high a price? Well, I live in NY and the NY SAFE Act will require me and other new Yorkers to jump through hoops to buy ammo in NY in the future and will wind up eliminating any chance I, or any other law abiding NY resident, has of ever again purchasing it online (unless the law is repealed - and one can hope). So it would be prudent for a New Yorker like me to stock up on as much as possible so long as the price, would be kind of, sort of, almost reasonable for the current situation and  not at the high end of price gouging.

Did I ever say if I actually bought all that ammo (my guess would be that there are about just over 7,000 rounds of it pictured) or if it is even mine. No, I didn't! I am not going to either. Don't ask - don't tell or something like: 'It's none of your business Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand or Representative McCarthy'. Come to think of it, it's none of your business either petty tyrant Bloomberg - especially since I do not live in NYC.

All the best,
Glenn B

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